[10 Ways 2023] how to earn money from telegram

Today’s post is about how to earn money from telegram method because tomorrow the method of earning money from social media money-earning apps are becoming very popular whether it is about earning money from Facebook or earning money from Instagram All methods are almost the same with other social media.

But in today’s post, we will talk about earning money from Telegram, in which you can earn more money than any social media, now you will say why I am saying this when the method is the same then how can you earn more money in it?

So I would like to tell you that even if the method is the same, the options of each social media are different, on Facebook we create Groups and Pages, and in the same way, we create Channels and Groups in Telegram, which are almost the same.

But if you have 3000 followers on your Facebook page, and you share any post on it, then very few people see that post, but if there are only so many people on Telegram, then all those people see your post, because Telegram is Real There are users whereas there are Fake users on Facebook.

how to earn money from telegram
how to earn money from Telegram

But even today very few people understand these things and they use Facebook only, many people do not even know how to earn money from Telegram, then read this post completely, what is Telegram App, how to use it, and how to earn money. Full details of earnings are given.

What is Telegram App?

Telegram is a Could-Based Instant Messaging Service in which you can chat online with your family and friends like WhatsApp Messenger or you can understand that Telegram is an alternative to WhatsApp Messenger.

Because it has all the features that you get to see in WhatsApp, which you can also use on all platforms, such as Android, IOS, and Telegram PC, etc. Its use is also quite reliable and safe and secure compared to competitors.

Telegram is also a Voice Over IP service with Instant Messaging and also a Mobile and PC App whose messaging service is based on Totally Cloud. Now you will say what Cloud means then it means.

Whatever data is there in Telegram App, it is not stored in your device but stored in Telegram’s server.

Apart from this, there are many such features in Telegram that make it different from any other messaging app such as Telegram Bots, Telegram Groups, Telegram Stickers, Telegram Channel, etc. Which you will not find in any other mobile app. how to earn money from telegram

how to earn money from telegram

Be it Telegram App or any other social media app, to earn money from any social media app, it is most important that you should have some followers means some users.

Now it doesn’t matter if this user is in your Telegram Channel or Telegram Group, it just means from User, if the User is there then you can earn money from Telegram, if not then you cannot earn money from it.

If you want to know how to increase followers in the Telegram Group or Telegram Channel, then for this you have to post something regularly on your Telegram Channel, now this post can be any text, image, or video. Maybe so that your user can learn some information.

You can watch videos on Youtube to increase followers or make more users on Telegram, so let’s now know how to earn money from telegram.

1- Via Telegram Bots

Hearing its name, you must be wondering what is Telegram Bots because maybe it is new to you, Telegram Bots are not made by any person but are run by software, it is also a Telegram Account.

Telegram Bots is a kind of App that gives the advantage of a Competitive Advantage over any other Messenger. These Bots are made for Marketing Purposes, which reduces a lot of Legwork of Related Marketers with the help of Telegram Bots like –

  • Real-time helps in customer support
  • Helps in sending important information
  • Helps to remind the user about the occurrence of an event
  • helps to find something
  • Supports Broad Casting
  • Or also helps to integrate with any other services.

2- By becoming a virtual telegram assistant

Friends, many people do not know how to create or manage a channel, how to grow a channel, or how to create content on it, in such a situation, you can manage a Telegram, then you can manage a channel by becoming a Virtual Telegram Assistant. Instead of which you can earn money even by charging from the challan.

Because many people buy channels as well as hire someone to manage that channels, in exchange for which they also pay good money, in this way you can also how to earn money from telegram.

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3- By selling the Telegram channel.

In today’s time, it is not a matter of everyone’s capability to grow a Telegram channel or many people do not have that much time, then they buy ready-made Groww channels by paying money and in this way also you can earn money.

Many people use these channels for their business and if many channels are not able to grow, then they also do it for their personal work.

So in such a situation, if you have a good channel on which there are lakhs of users, then you can earn a lot of money by selling that channel. The more users you have on your channel, the more money you get.

4- By selling products and services

Friends, you can earn money by selling any of your products through Telegram, now selling a product does not mean affiliate marketing, it is a matter of selling your product directly.

Many people have their own companies or even if they do not have a company, then they make small products themselves, then they can sell these products through Telegram and earn money from it.

Even if you do not make any product, you can still buy the product and sell it through Telegram and earn a profit.

5- By teaching online tuition

If you are a student or a teacher, then this work will be the best option for you, where you do not even need to go to any school, you can teach students through Telegram from home and earn from them by taking fees.

By the way, earlier this work was very less, but after the lockdown, many teachers started doing the same work, many people do this work on WhatsApp also because Telegram is also like WhatsApp and it is also used by many people, so you can use it through Telegram. You can also earn money by teaching children online.

6- By Paid Promotion

Paid Promotion is also the biggest weapon to earn money in today’s time, in which you can earn lakhs of rupees in one go, in Paid Promotion, you can promote anything, whether it is someone’s Telegram or a company, or the company’s product. You get good money.

Because today everyone is engaged in growing their business and there is only one way to grow something fast, where some good users should promote other things, which we also know by the name of earning money from sponsorship.

But if you make some users by working hard on your Telegram, then you should avoid promoting anything because if you promote something wrong or bad, then your users may be less, and the user’s trust in your Telegram may be broken.

That’s why you promote your Niche and promote some good company or company’s product only so that the user can also get some benefit, if you promote only for your own benefit, then it will not last long.

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7- By Refer And Earn

Refer And Earn is also a good way to earn money in which you get instant money, all you have to do is join the referral program of some Websites and Apps and share its referral link with your friends in Telegram.

Now whoever creates his account by clicking on that link, downloading Apps, or visiting those Websites, then you get a referral commission. There are different commissions for each referral program, which can range from Rs 50 to Rs 500 or more. Is.
Also, you get two types of referral programs which first one is that in some referral programs, you get money only once and secondly in some referral programs you always get lifetime money.

Like Ezoic and Shorte.st Life Time will give you money and in Phone Pe, Google Pay, Groww App, Upstox, and Amazon you get money only once.

how to earn money from telegram

8- By URL Shortener

Even in today’s time, the URL Shortener Website is a very good way to earn money, you can use it on Telegram or anywhere, but many people do not understand its meaning.

Link Shortner is a kind of website from where you can shorten any link, it can also be called this, there is a Url that is big, a way to shorten it, from which you can earn money.

For you just have to join some Link Shortener Websites like Shorte.s t just you have to go to these sites and create an account by giving your information, after that, you can shorten any URL here whether it is the URL of the blog, Youtube Be, or any social media and share this short link with your friends in Telegram.

Now whoever clicks on that link, will see an advertisement for a few seconds, after that link will open and the Link Shortner website gives you money for running these ads, the more you click on your link, the more money you can earn.

9- Through Affiliate Marketing

The only way to earn money from Affiliate Marketing is the easiest one, which you can use Telegram, for which you just have to join some affiliate program and send the Affiliate Link of its product to your Telegram User, which means sharing it. When someone buys a product from your Affiliate Link, you get a commission instead.

Now it will be in your mind how much commission you get, it depends on which company’s affiliate program you have joined and which products you are selling.

For example – Amazon gives you 1 to 15 commission, while Hostinger gives you more than 50% commission because both the products are different and the methods are also different, in Amazon you can sell anything from eating and drinking to traveling. You can, but in Hostinger you can only get Hosting and Domain sold.

I gave an example of only 2 things, there are thousands of platforms like these two, which you can use, for more information about affiliate marketing, you can read this post on how to earn money from affiliate marketing.

10- By selling ads

This is a very right way to earn money from Telegram, which is also a very popular option because, in today’s time, there are many such countries, so they sell ads through Telegram Channels like – Iran, Saudi Arabia, Russia, India, etc.

Now you must be wondering what these things are sold, then this is a kind of cross-promotion of other channels which is done for some companies and brands, this is called Ads Selling.

The way to sell it is also something like that (P2P) means that the Admins of a Telegram Channel are first contacted and then it is settled through an Agreement, but there are many such Automated Ad Exchanges also present here, which have Ads Selling is done.

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Conclusion – How to earn money from Telegram

So, friends, this was some information about how to earn money from telegram, in which you have given detailed information about how to earn money from Telegram along with earning from Telegram.

I hope you will like this information so that you will understand well how to earn money from telegram Apps, if you like this information, then share it with your friends on Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Linkedin, and other social media. And if there is any problem or suggestion related to Telegram, then definitely tell us in the comment.

FAQs –

Q. How much money can be earned from Telegram?

Ans – Unlimited money, yes you can earn a lot of money which depends on how many followers you have on Telegram and how much money you can use to earn.

Q. Do followers get paid in Telegram?

Ans – Yes, the more followers you have, the more money you can earn by using the methods of earning money, and when you go to earn money by selling a Telegram account, then you get money according to the followers.

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