how to write seo friendly article 2023 full way

Today’s post is Blogging Learn about the method of how to write SEO friendly article, which can easily rank in Google, whether you want to start Blogging or have done it, this post will be very useful for you because the main function of Blogging is Blog posts. One has to write and get it ranked in Google.

If you are learning to blogging, then you should learn about how to write the most blog, and how to write the best SEO Friendly Article because this blog post is the identity of your blog, due to which you rank in Google and Brings traffic to your blog.

how to write seo friendly blog posts:- By the way, writing a blog or content writing simply means writing detailed information about a topic, but if you write any good information without SEO, you cannot rank that blog post in Google, but if you have SEO Friendly blog post If you know how to write, then even if the information is not that good, you can still rank in Google.

You must have often seen on many blogs whose articles give very good information but are left behind due to SEO, although apart from writing SEO Friendly Blog Post to rank a blog post, many types of SEO are also done but It is better than all those SEO that how good SEO Friendly Article you can write, it will be better for you.

What is SEO Friendly Blog Post to many new bloggers here? If there is no information about this, then you are also a blogger and want to write the best Seo- Friendly Article, then read this post completely, in which the complete information about How To Write SEO Friendly Blog Posts are given in detail.

What is SEO Friendly Article (Blog Post)?

how to write seo friendly blog posts

SEO means Search Engine Optimization, which you can also call setting in easy language, in the same way, Friendly means friendly or friendly to all.

So SEO Friendly Blog Post means a blog post that behaves friendly with Search Engine, we call such a post-SEO Friendly Blog Posts.

For example:- you wrote a post that Search Engines did not understand what your article is about, so it cannot be treated as friendly.

In such a situation, your blog post can never be ranked because the person who has to rank your post does not know what information your blog post is giving, then how will he rank your blog post?

By writing a long article full of information, your blog post does not become SEO Friendly Article, it will be called Seo Friendly when you can tell the search engine that your article is answering this keyword or this question.

how to write SEO friendly article 2023

Knowing this much, it comes to the mind of many new bloggers that writing SEO-friendly blog posts will be a very difficult task, but for your information, it is not a difficult task so you can do it easily now.

To write SEO Friendly Articles, you get many options in your WordPress or Blogger, using which you can make your blog post-SEO friendly, ranging from heading, bolding, italicizing, adding links, and adding images. There are options from

Using all these options, we will learn to write an SEO Friendly Blog Post, so let’s know how to write an SEO friendly article, which means what is the method, read the steps given below carefully.

1. Do Keyword Research

Writing a good Blog Post starts with Keyword Research, about which you write articles, now the question will be in your mind what is Keyword? So keyword simply means a Question about which you write a blog post and answer that question.

For example, whatever you search on Google is a keyword like how to create a blog, how to start writing a blog, or how to write a blog, all these are called keywords that you have to research.

Here everyone’s Niche or blog topic can be different, so you have to extract related keywords from your Niche and research it, many new bloggers have a problem that they do not get any keywords, so first of all you know that you are the keyword. From where can you get it?

To get keywords, you can go to your Google Question Hub, go to Google Trend or you can search your Niche in Google where you can find many keywords in Google suggestions.

Apart from this, you can go directly to any keyword research tool and search your Niche from where you will get many keywords.

There are also two types of keywords here, Long Tail Keyword and Short Tail Keyword, by the name of which a lot can be known what kind of keyword it is.

Long Tail Keyword – These are the keywords that are a bit long like- [ how to write SEO friendly article 2023 ] [how to earn money from blogging 2023.]

Short Tail Keyword – These are the keywords that are short like – [ how to write a blog ] [ SEO friendly article ]

Now the question comes to what kind of keywords should you choose, whether you are a new blogger or an old one, Long Tail Keyword is better for you because you can easily rank.

So in this way, you get a keyword, but the research of this keyword is still pending, for which you have to use a good keyword research tool, which can show you the correct data of that keyword, for this you can use keyword tools like Semrush and Achraf. Can

The specialty of these tools is that it shows the search volume of any keyword, keyword difficulty, CPC, and much more.

people also like this

From here you have to choose a low-competition keyword whose keyword difficulty is less than 15 because only on such keywords you can easily rank in Google.

2. Keep the Keyword in the Title

After keyword research, you have to start writing a blog where you first have to write your blog title, in which you must write your keyword as well as you can use some powerful words and make your title better.

If your keyword is too big, then you can write only the keyword in the title, but your title must have your main keyword, like if I am writing about writing this post blog, then its main keyword must be written in its title, and with it, Some other words have also been used to improve the title.

3. Use Keyword in your first paragraph

This step is also of keyword placement, as you have placed the keyword in the title, in the same way, you have to use your Main Focus Keyword in the first paragraph of your blog, but adding keywords to the title and paragraph are two different things.

Where you can easily write only keywords in the title, in the same way, you cannot write keywords in paragraphs, here while adding keywords, you have to write words in front and back in such a way that your keywords look natural and not intentionally added unnecessarily. Keyword.

You try to use the main keyword at least here because intentionally writing keywords multiple times in one place is against Google’s rules and this is also called Keyword Stuffing which you should not do.

4. Use Alt Tag in Image

Image SEO also has an important role in writing a good blog post because along with the blog post, your image also ranks in Google, which also gives you traffic, but for this, you have to do many types of SEO in the image.

As much as there are advantages of putting an image in the blog, there is also a disadvantage of not doing SEO of the image because this image can reduce the speed of your blog, which can lead to your ranking down.

The first SEO of the image is to make the image well, whose size should not exceed 700×400 and should be less than 100 kb, which is best for your blog.

Similarly, SEO is also done to add an Image to a Blog where you have to put Alt Tag in the Image, friends Google or any search engine cannot read your Image, so you need to put Alt Tag in the Image where you have to put Alt Tag in your blog. The keyword of the post has to be added as Alt Tag.

Due to this Google can understand who this Imgae is about, for more information about Imgae SEO, you can read this post What is Image SEO, how to do it, and complete information about Image Seo has been given.

5. Use Heading and Subheading (H2 and H3 Tag)

Heading and Subheading are very important for the SEO of the blog post, which is very important for the ranking of your post and it lets the user know what information is given inside the blog post.

Here you can use your keywords as a heading, in which you can use the keywords of Google suggestion with the focus keyword, which is also known as the LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) keyword.

When you use a post alias keyword, it helps your post to a great extent in ranking, as well as the keyword you target by writing a post, it ranks as well as ranks your post on many other keywords from where You get more traffic.

Many people also use the focus keyword in Heading and Subheading, which is not wrong either, but you should not use Heading and Subheading focus keywords in the same way, you should use the focus keyword by bringing some changes in it.

6. Bold the important and related keywords

This work is definitely a very small part but it is an important part of writing SEO Friendly Blog Post in which you have to bold some Related Keywords along with some Important Keywords.

By bolding, all those keywords are visible to Google and User, which makes it easy for Google to understand and rank your post, and the user also gets attention there, so that he feels that yes, it has to be read well so that the user can read your blog. Stays on the post for a long time which is very beneficial for ranking.

how to write seo friendly blog posts

7. Italicize 1 to 2 Keyword

Just as you bold some keywords, in the same way, you have to italicize 1 to 2 keywords from the same keywords, which works like bolding.

When you start writing a blog, many times there comes a place in the post where the keyword is used more than once in your post, in this case, you can bold one keyword and italicize the other.

8. Outbound Link To High-Quality Sites

Backlinks have an important role in Google’s ranking factor, as you probably know, in which taking backlinks from one site and giving backlinks to another site, both do SEO work for the blog, that’s why at least in your blog post It is necessary to have an outbound link.

But here you will not give an Outbound Link means backlink to any useless site because according to Google’s rules, the best Outbound Link is the one that is related to your post – I will give Outbound Link in this where it would have been told about writing a blog.

That too not the whole blog but only that post where you can clearly tell that you should read this post for more information on writing a good Blog Post, but for this first of all you have to search the site.

At this time, most people give Outbound Link on Wikipedia because it is a very big site where you will find every type of blog post which you can give Outbound Link.

This small link also ranks on the top position many times where your blog post may not even rank, many people will find this thing funny but there are many such posts in my blog.

Apart from this, you can give backlinks to many sites like – Facebook, Instagram, high authority sites, Microsoft, Apple, Google, etc.

9. Internal Links to Related Articles

Your Internal Links work better than any backlink to rank your post, where you have to give Internal Links to the old related post of your own blog in the new post which works like banking.

For example, if I am giving information about writing the best blog post in this post, then many keywords of my old posts will also be written in this post like – how to write the first blog post, what is SEO, how to make a blog, all these keywords are my Must have come in this post, then I can give these keywords to my old post-Internal Links.

Due to this, you will get many benefits – If someone wants to know about SEO, then he can know by clicking on that link, here the user will stay on your blog for a long time if that post of yours is not getting ranked. That rank can also be achieved through this link.

And one of the biggest advantages of this is that you do not have to write many blog posts like if I am writing a post about earning money from blogging, then I have to tell the blog post first.

What is a blog and how it is made, so I will not write about it here, I will just put a link to my old post from where people can get information about it.

10. Write High-Quality Content

No matter how much you do SEO on your blog or learn how to write the best blog post if your post is not high-quality content, then your post cannot be ranked in Google or even if it is ranked, it will be on top for a long time. Can’t stay

Here many people know the meaning of High-Quality Content is a long post, but you cannot call only a long post-High-Quality Content, long post means more word count which matters to a large extent to rank in Google.

But if you are just increasing the word count and there is no good and correct information in the blog post, then your long post is also of no use because Google ranks your post on the behavior of the user, if a user does not like your post. He will leave your blog and go to another blog.

Where Google will know that your post is not good and it will d- rank your post, so you will also have to pay attention to writing a good post with SEO, which you will write for the user, in which you will have to answer the user’s questions correctly.

11. Make Blog URL SEO Friendly

The URL of your post is also considered very important in writing a good article, this makes it even easier for Google to understand your blog post, for which keyword this blog post has been written, which increases your chances of ranking to a great extent. Let’s go

For this, you just have to give your keyword in the Url of your post where you have to try if the Url is not too long then it will be a better Url.

That’s why you should always make Url in English like my Url is like-

12. Use Meta Description

There are two types of Meta Description in Meta Description, the first Meta Description of the blog post and the Meta Description of the entire blog, for the entire blog you have to create a Meta Description and add it to the coding of the Theme.

But here we are talking about the Meta Description of the blog post, which before publishing the blog post, you have to add to the post, in the Meta Description you have to summarize the whole article, and what you have told the blog post.

Here you can add some main headings of your post so that Google knows that you have written a post on these topics because this Meta Description appears in Google’s search result, where the user also knows what is in this post. Information has been given.

video credit goes to the H-EDUCATE youtube channel

Conclusion – how to write seo friendly blog posts 2023 full way

In this way, you must have understood how to write an article, in which I gave you complete information from keyword research, writing titles, adding images, adding links and creating URLs, and adding Meta Descriptions so that you have any questions about writing a blog post. Do not stay

I hope this information How to write SEO Friendly Article #1 Rank On Google? It must have been helpful for you, which you must have also liked, if you are a new blogger, then it will help you a lot in writing Blog posts so that you can easily rank your post in Google.

If you like this information SEO Friendly Blog Post Kaise Likhe, then share it with your friends, and relatives on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, WhatsApp, Linkedin, and other social media so that more and more people can understand about writing articles and if there is any problem suggestion Thank you for asking in the comments.

FAQs –

Q – What is the difference between User-Friendly Blog Post and SEO Friendly Blog Post?

Ans – User-friendly means that it gives the correct answer to the user’s question, while SEO Friendly is written for the search engine, although it is very important for both the rankings.

Q – How many words should the SEO Friendly Article be?

Ans – Here in writing SEO Friendly Blog Post, no count of words (Blog Post Words Count) matters, just you have to give complete information about that post, only writing a long post is not SEO Friendly Article.

Q – Is it necessary to be blog post-SEO Friendly?

Ans – So yes it is absolutely necessary because SEO Friendly Blog Post makes it easy to understand both Google and the User where the User gets a better answer to his question.

Q – Can you rank in Google by writing so many SEO Friendly Blog posts?

Ans – Yes, there will be a lot of difference in the ranking due to this, but it is not guaranteed that you will rank on the first number because there are many people who write SEO friendly Blog Post like you, whose posts will have more power, they will rank on the first number…

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