(Bluehost Reviews) How To Buy Hosting From Bluehost 2023

How To Buy Hosting From Bluehost( bluehost reviews) We all know that hosting is needed to create a website or blog on WordPress, where there are many different companies on the Internet that sell Web Hosting today. In this post, we will learn about how to buy Bluehost hosting.

This post is going to be Total Bluehost Reviews where we will know in detail about both the advantages and disadvantages of this hosting, so if you too are thinking of creating a WordPress website or blog.

If you are looking for good hosting, then Bluehost’s hosting can be a better option for you, which is one of the best hostings in India, and which provides you with good hosting at a very affordable rate.

Currently, the selling hosting in India is Hostinger, Hostgator, Or Bluehost Company, but if we talk about its lowest price hosting, then it is Hostinger whose hosting is also very strong, which is much better for new bloggers because of its interface. It is quite easy.

If you want to know more about Hostinger then you can read this post How to buy hosting from hostinger? Can read, at the moment we are going to know How To Buy Hosting From Bluehost, so let’s start.

Bluehost Reviews 2023

(Bluehost Reviews) How To Buy Hosting From Bluehost 2023
(Bluehost Reviews 2023)

How to buy hosting from Bluehost 2023

Bluehost is considered a better hosting in India’s best hosting, which is used by millions of people, most of the sites you get to see on Google are hosted on this hosting.
Bluehost’s hosting can easily handle daily traffic of 20000 to 1 lakh or more, it is considered very powerful and good in Hosting Fast Loading as well as Server Connectivity.

In this, you get to see almost all types of hosting like – Linux Hosting, Windows Hosting, WordPress Hosting, Linux Reseller Hosting, or Windows Reseller Hosting Provides.

Here you get all types of hosting, small and big, which you can buy according to your need, but Linux Hosting is the most bought to make a normal blog, which is very best for a new blogger learning to blog.

Here are some things about Bluehost’s hosting, and how it is, so let’s now know how to buy it, and how you can buy hosting from the Bluehost website.

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Step 1. First, go to Bluehost’s site.

To buy hosting from Bluehost, first, you have to go to the official website of Bluehost, for which you search Bluehost in Google and click on the first link.

Or you can also go to Bluehost’s official website by clicking on this link, which will be easiest for you, where you will see the hosting plan like this.

Step 2. Select your country (India & Us)

This feature of buying hosting in Bluehost is different from the rest of the hosting companies, from here you have to select the country, but before selecting your country, you have to see what kind of blog you want to create on this hosting and rank it in which country. Want to do

Like – If you want to make a Hindi blog, then the maximum traffic on a Hindi blog comes from India because a Hindi blog ranks only in India, in this situation, you should buy hosting by selecting your Country India.

But if you want to create an English Blog, then English Blog has more rank in a country like the US and more traffic comes from there, in such a situation, you should buy hosting by selecting your Country’s Us.

Because the country from which more traffic comes and your hosting is in the same country, then it works faster because it is very close to the user and it takes less time.

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Step 3. Choose your best hosting plan

To create WordPress Blog or Website in Bluehost, you get four types of plans in Bluehost which are like this.

  • Basic plans
  • Plus Plan
  • Choice Plus Plan
  • Pro Plan

But to buy any of these plans, first of all, you should know about it because these blogs are given for different blog websites, which have different plans to handle traffic according to traffic, whose cost is also different – If it is different then first of all we know the plans of Bluehost Hosting.

bluehost reviews,

1. Basic Plan

In this basic plan, you can host only one website, here you will get an SSL Certificate, 50 GB SSD Storage, Free Domain for one year, in which you can take any domain with .com, .in, 5 Parked Domains, and 25 Subdomains. Let’s meet

The price of this Basic Plan means Price starts from ₹ 179/month* which is the cheapest hosting in Bluehost, cheaper than this you will not find another in Bluehost.

2. Plus Plan

In Bluehost’s Plus Plan, you get the option to host Unlimited Websites, Unmetered SSD Storage is also available with Free SSL Certificate.

In this also you get a Free Domain for one year with .com

Any domain can be taken, Unlimited Domains can be parked and Unlimited Subdomains can also be added.

The price of this plan starts from Price ₹ 279/month * Here if you buy this hosting for three years then it will be available for ₹ 279 otherwise it will be more expensive.

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3. Choice Plus Plan

Bluehost’s Choice Plus Plan also gives you the option to host Unlimited Websites and Unmetered SSD Storage with Free SSL Certificate.

In this also you get Free Domain for one year where you can take any domain with .com, with this you can Oarked Unlimited Domains and can also add Unlimited Subdomains.

The most special thing about this plan is that you also get Code Guard Basic Backup in it.

Talking about the price of this Choice Plus Plan, it is available for only at ₹ 299 / month*, which can be considered a very good plan according to the features, but in Next Renewal, the cost of this hosting is 919 rupees per month. Have to give

4. Pro Plan

You can also host Unlimited Websites in this Pro Plan of Bluehost, in this you also get Unmetered SSD Storage along with Free SSL Certificate.

Free Domain for one year where you can take any domain with .com, along with this you can Parked Unlimited Domains and can also add Unlimited Subdomains.

The special thing about this plan is that Code Guard Basic Backup is also available in it, due to which your performance is very good.

Along with this, a Dedicated IP Address is also available with 2 Experts, Domain Privacy.

The price of this Pro Plan means that the price is available in ₹ 859 / Month, which can be considered a very good plan according to the features, it is the most expensive hosting of this hosting company.

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Step 4. Which plan would be right to choose and why?

Friends, after knowing about so many plans, many people do not understand which hosting plan they should buy from Bluehost, will be better for them.

So here is my opinion, if you are a new blogger and want to create a blog to learn blogging, then you can choose the basic plan, that too when you do not believe that you can succeed in blogging.

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But if you have learned a little bit about Blogging and want to make a blog to earn money, then you should buy Choice Plus Plan.

Because you can host unlimited websites here by paying just Rs 100 more and it has more features than the basic plan, when one of your blogs starts becoming successful, then you feel like making another blog too, then this hosting is very useful for you, but In the basic plan, you cannot create another blog for free.

Step 5. Choose your free domain

When you click on a plan and proceed to buy hosting from Bluehost, the first thing you will need to do is claim your free domain name, where you will see a popup that asks if you have a subscription to the hosting plan. Have already purchased a domain for

bluehost reviews,

This means that you already have a domain for the hosting you are buying, here you will see two options Yes and No where you have to click on No because we are here to use the free domain you are getting with the hosting.

When you click on No, a search bar will open where you can type any name and take a free domain of that name that is available.

Or if you have a domain before, click on Yes and you can use it by entering your first registered domain and you can use the free domain later.

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Step 6. Remove Additional Services

This part of buying hosting from Bluehost is very important, after taking the domain, Additional Services will have to be removed which connects with Bluehost Hosting Plan and also charges separately.

For this, uncheck the Additional Services you are seeing, then those Additional Services will be removed and you will not have to pay any extra charge.

Click on the Continue Button after entering your Domain Name and removing Additional Services means Unchecking.

Step 7. View Your Order Summary on Bluehost Hosting.

As soon as you click on the Continue Button, you reach the Next Page where you see a complete summary of the hosting that you are buying and how much it is being charged.

Here the cost of housing is GST Charge and if you are buying any other service, then you will see the charge of all separately.

Here you will also see the option of adding a Coupon Code. At this time, up to a 30% Discount Offer is going on buying Hosting from Bluehost, so you can take advantage by putting the Coupon Code available in Bluehost’s Coupon Code.

After checking the complete Detail thoroughly and after applying the Coupon Code, click on Proceed To Payment.

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Step 8. Sign Up in Bluehost.

Now here you have to log in to your Bluehost Account, if you already have a Bluehost Account, then you can easily log in by entering your Username and Password.

But if you are a new user, then you will first have to create an account on Bluehost, for which you will click on Create An Account.

Here there will be a Sign-Up Page Open where you can create an account on Bluehost by filling in your name, Email Id, Password, Mobile Number, country, Address, and Pin code correctly and complete the process of buying hosting from Bluehost.

How To Buy Hosting From Bluehost,

Step 9. Choose your payment option and make a payment.

After creating your account on Bluehost, you will reach the next page where you have to choose your Payment Option, from which you are going to pay.

Here you can pay with a Debit Card / Credit Card, Net Banking, or Upi, then select the facility available to you here, enter the Required Information, and click on Pay Now, just your Hosting has been bought.

It may take up to 1-5 minutes to complete the payment, when after the completion of your payment, a message comes to your Email Id, which contains the details of Bluehost Hosting’s User Name and Control panel.

How To Buy Hosting From Bluehost

Through these details, you can create your blog or website by login to your hosting, if you do not know how to create a WordPress blog or website,

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Conclusion – How to Buy Hosting from Bluehost

So, friends, this was some important information about buying hosting from Bluehost, in which you know that the whole process of buying hosting from Bluehost is known, in which I have given complete information about its plan, along with which plan will be best for you, how to buy it step by step. has told.

I hope this information on How To Buy Hosting From Bluehost – Bluehost Reviews must have been helpful for you, you must have liked it, with the help of which you can easily buy hosting from Bluehost and earn money by creating your blog.

If you like this information, then share it with your friends and relatives on Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, and other social media and if you have any problem or suggestion, you can ask in the comment section.

FAQs –

q. Q. Which is the best hosting to create WordPress Blog Website?

Ans – Friends, there is a lot of hosting on the internet which is best for making WordPress Blog Websites, information about which you will get in this post How to buy best hosting but WordPress itself recommends BlueHost because it is very good hosting for less money.

Q. Can’t create a blog website on WordPress without hosting?

Ans – It can be created, but you do not get many facilities in this blog website, for the information of which you can read this post How to create a free blog on wordpress.

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