2023 How to buy best web hosting for small businesses?

Do new bloggers often have this problem How to buy best web hosting for small businesses? Because there are thousands of hosting companies on the Internet and which company’s hosting should be bought by these companies, that’s why in today’s post we will know buy the best web hosting for small businesses, and how to buy good hosting Tips.

When a new blogger wants to come into the field of blogging, then he needs good hosting to start a blog, but there is so much hosting available on the internet that the new blogger does not understand which company’s hosting is good and which one. is out of order.

In such a situation, a new blogger buys the worst hosting to buy low-cost cheap rate hosting, and this hosting itself makes their blogging journey more difficult in the beginning because this hosting is down again and again where the user can access your blog. Can’t even reach it.

When you create a new blog, then in order to earn rank and traffic to that blog as quickly as possible, you have to publish more and more content and do better SEO of your blog, but in the meantime, when your hosting again and again If there is a down, all your hard work goes in vain.

And you are forced to have your own hosting, where you suffer losses in many ways, such as investing money again in another hosting, so many days your time was wasted, now again you have to move from this hosting to another hosting, where if you know the method If not, then you will have to pay for this also means a loss in all respects just from a bad hosting.

That’s why in today’s post I will tell you about some good hosting where you can be rest assured by hosting your blog once where you can be free from your problem buy the best web hosting for small businesses How to buy good hosting Tips forever So let’s know how to buy best web hosting for small businesses.

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2023 How to buy best web hosting for small businesses

How to buy best web hosting for small businesses?

Friends, best hosting means there is only one way to buy good hosting that first of all you know about some good hosting, how old is it in the hosting market, how many people are there to use it, and what is its past record.

Because when you will know about these hosting, then only you will know which of these hosting will be best for you, here if I talk about my blog, then I currently use Hostinger hosting, while I started this blog with Godaddy’s domain. Had done by purchasing Domain Name and Hosting.

But Goddaddy’s hosting is not good, so I moved to Hostinger, while the domain is still on Goddaddy, but I would advise you not to buy the domain and hosting from Goddaddy because recently Goddaddy’s entire data has been hacked and this is someone It is not a new thing, its data gets hacked every year.

Apart from Hostinger also we have brought 7 top hosting companies which are the very best like Hosting Mella, A2Hosting, Bluehost, GreenGeeks, Hostinger, Siteground, etc.

etc. So let’s know about them in a little detail, what will you get in which hosting, only then you will be able to understand which hosting will be best for you, then let’s know best web hosting for small businesses, how to buy the good hosting Tips.

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Hostinger Hosting

Friends, Hostinger is considered to be the best hosting for a completely new blogger because this hosting is much cheaper than the rest of the hosting, which becomes very easy to buy for a new blogger.

The specialty of this hosting is that along with being cheap, you get a free domain, you get free SSL, you say that you get all the necessary things to start a blog and it gives a very fast loading speed, which you can run 100 blogs. Can easily handle traffic of 25000.

By the way, all these are the features of the premium plan, which costs Rs 139 / month, which is around Rs 3300 for a year, if you take this hosting for four years, then it will be available in less than 7000.

Apart from this, Hostinger has two more plans, the cost of single web hosting is even less but it does not provide a free domain and the third is the biggest plan in which you get even more features where you get a lot for free.

The interface of this hosting is very easy, which becomes very easy to use for new bloggers, its support system is also very good, in case of any problem, a solution to your problem is found.

To learn more about Hostinger and how to buy its hosting, you can read this post-Hostinger -buy best web hosting for small businesses. Best Web Hosting You can read where you can get better information.

Hosting Mella.

Hosting Mella is a new hosting in the hosting market which solves your problem and buys the best web hosting for small businesses. Can remove which is very cheap, now new does not mean that it came only yesterday, the special thing about this hosting is that you will get this hosting for 49 rupees/month, which handles traffic of 100000 monthly.

Here their support system is very good where you can get help by chatting directly on WhatsApp or you can also call where you get complete help.

Hosting Mella, best web hosting for small businesses

In this hosting, you get three types of plans which start from Rs.49/month to Rs.229/month, in which you can host 100 websites and it is capable of handling unlimited traffic, information has been given on this website. .

I also talked a lot with these people and these people advised me to host my site on this hosting, my hosting will end in March then I am going to use this hosting myself.

In my opinion, this is the right hosting for new bloggers, where you can start your blogging by purchasing their hosting for just Rs.49/month.


Friends, GoogieHost is a very good hosting in which you get Paid hosting along with absolutely free hosting, so if you have money then you can buy GoogieHost’s Paid hosting and make your blog website or if you do not have money then GoogieHost’s absolutely Free hosting can also be used.

There will be a slight difference between the free hosting of this GoogieHost and the pad hosting, you will get a very good service in the pad, while the free service is not as good, but still, this free hosting is also very good for the new blogger because there is not much traffic on the new blog. If you have, then you can start your blogging journey with this free hosting too, when the traffic on your blog becomes high so that you can earn some money, then you can upgrade its pad hosting.

GoogieHost is an Indian web hosting company that was started in 2012, on which today millions of people host their websites, for more information about GoogieHost, you can read this post-GoogieHost Free Hosting Review and its Free or Paid Hosting can be used. For this, you can click on the Use Free & Buy button.

Bluehost Hosting.

How to Buy best web hosting for small businesses. Friends, WordPress itself recommends Bluehost hosting that you use this hosting to build your blog or website, from this you can understand how best this hosting will be, but yes it will be a bit more expensive than Hostinger.

But the special thing about this hosting is that if you take a hosting plan, you get a free domain, where you can take any domain with .com, or .net, whereas in Hostinger only .in is available, while in Bluehost you get a C panel. Get an H panel is available in Hostinger.

Bluehost Hosting, best web hosting for small businesses

Talking about the price of Bluehost, the cheapest plan starts from Rs.179/month while Hostinger starts from Rs.79/month. Talking about the features in both of these prices, both are almost beans, if there is some difference then Hostinger will not get a free domain in Bluehost, while Bluehost also has a free domain.

You also get three plans in Bluehost where you can choose the plan according to your site. The best plan in Bluehost is the Choice Plan which you will get for Rs.279/month and is available for three years of hosting.

But if you take this hosting for a year, then it will cost you even more, which will be around 4000-5000 rupees.

If you want more information about Bluehost, then you can read this post on how to buy hosting from Bluehost. You can read (Bluehost Review) where detailed information about its plan has been given and the methods of buying it have also been explained well.

A2 Hosting.

Friends, A2 Hosting is also very powerful, and why not because its price is also very strong, although this hosting is one of the oldest hostings, which has been providing hosting service for almost 15 years, and is also liked by many people.

There are very big blog hosts on this hosting, where most of the traffic comes because this hosting is capable of handling any traffic, although this hosting is one of the expensive hostings and I do not think any User Blogger will buy this hosting. also likes to do.

A2 Hosting, the best web hosting for small businesses,

Because if we talk about its cost, this hosting is currently giving 72% off, yet its lowest cost hosting is 2.99 $ / month, which if seen in rupees, is more than Rs 225, which is its cheapest plan. That too with 72% off, if you remove this off, then around $ 10 per month, which is not easy to buy for a new blogger.

No matter how good this hosting is, it is not for the new blogger because it is beneficial for the new blogger. So you will not be able to take it, so I would say that if you are a new blogger, then never buy it, yes, if you have an old blog website that is getting a lot of traffic, then this hosting can be a better option for you.

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SiteGround Hosting.

This hosting is also the best web hosting for small businesses. Which is one of the very powerful hostings, this hosting is also similar to A2 hosting where big sites are hosted because this hosting is also capable of handling any traffic but it is more expensive hosting than A2 hosting.

Friends, there is no shortage of these hosting, and their service is also very good, but what is lacking is its price, which cannot buy these hosting to learn new Blogger Blogging.

This hosting also has a 73% discount at this time, after which the cheapest plan of this hosting starts from 3.99$ means 300 rupees/month, and the cost of its big plan is 10.69$ / month which is not easy for a new blogger.

SiteGround Hosting., best web hosting for small businesses,

By the way, there are some bloggers who are not short of money, they can buy this hosting, but the work for which this hosting is made, the new blogger cannot take advantage of it, that means you have money even if you buy it. That money is also a waste.

Greengeek Hosting.

Friends, I like Greengeek’s hosting very much, which is not too expensive and not too cheap, but its service is very good and that is why this hosting company probably does not get its publicity done.

All the hosting on the Internet shows its promotion so that their hosting is sold as much as possible, but Greengeek does not do this, rather it tries to make its service better and better, which is beneficial for the user.

If you look at the price of this hosting, it starts from 2.95$ and goes up to 10$, this hosting is also one of those hostings that handle high traffic.

Which of these hosting is best for you?

Friends, the hosting that I have told here is more than one hosting, which is also much better, but not all hosting meetings are for blogs, like – you are creating a new blog and buying Sitgroud or A2 Hosting. It is your loss.

Because on a blog where there is no traffic, what is the use of such expensive hosting, here hosting like Hostinger or Hosting Mella will be better for you, which you will get in less money, which will be much better for you.

The rest is your choice, which hosting you like, you can buy what you think is right, as far as the question of how to buy this hosting is concerned, then let’s also know the ways of buying hosting that buy the best web hosting for small businesses.

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How to buy hosting from Hosting Mella?

Friends, here I can not tell you how to buy all hosting, because there is almost only one way to buy hosting in all companies, here I will tell you how to buy Hosting Mella’s hosting, and on the basis of that you can buy hosting from any company.

Anyway, I have given the link to buy hosting from Hostinger and Bluehost, on which you can click and read how to buy both of them, so let’s see how hosting is bought from Hosting Mella.

  1. For this, first of all, you have to go to Hosting Mella’s website where you can go for its website by searching its name in Google or you can also go to Hosting Mella’s website Click the link.
  2. Visit the Hosting Fair website.
  3. As soon as you reach this website
  4. so you have to scroll down and come down
  5. Where you will see three plans for hosting the fair.
  6. Now click on the hosting that suits you.
  7. As soon as you click on a plan.
  8. Then the next page will open where you will be asked to buy the domain.
  9. Wherever you want, you can also buy a .com domain for 800 rupees.

If you already have a domain, then you can use your old domain by clicking on will use my existing domain and update my nameservers.

  1. I buy a new domain here and show the further process for which I ticked Register a new domain and search a domain name below and click on Continue
  2. From here you have to select how you are going to make the payment.
Monthly₹49.00 INR
Quarterly₹147.00 INR
Semi-Annually₹294.00 INR
Annually₹588.00 INR
Biennially₹1,176.00 INR
Triennially₹1,764.00 INR

Select the way you want to pay, here I select the first option Monthly to show you and click on Continue below.

  1. In the next step, you will see your domain, and below that, some services will be visible, you can select what you want or you can remove the domain with all the services and buy only hosting.
  2. In the next step, a summary of the product you are buying will appear, below that you have to give complete details about yourself like Name, Email Id, Mobile No, Address, and Password and tick the term condition and click on checkout.
  3. Now you will reach here on the last final payment option where you have to choose the payment option where you can pay with Atm Card, Net Banking, or Upi.

Complete the payment from the option available to you, as soon as your payment is completed, your hosting will be bought, which you can use to create a blog/website.

So in this way, you must have understood how to buy the best web hosting for small businesses Means how to buy good hosting.

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Conclusion – how to buy the best web hosting for small businesses.

So, friends, this was some information about buying good hosting, in which I have tried to give detailed information about some good hosting and cheap hosting, some expensive hosting and popular hosting, so that you can decide on how to buy the best web hosting for small businesses, how to buy good hosting And which would be the best hosting for you?

I hope this information has been helpful for you, which you would have liked a lot so that you can create your blog or website by buying cheap or expensive hosting according to your need and earn a lot of money from it.

If you like this information, how to buy the best web hosting for small businesses, how to buy good hosting Tips, share it with your friends on Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, and other social media and if you have any problem or suggestion, you can ask for a comment.

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