(Fix Now) Adsense Identity Verification Failed 3 Times 2023


  • Google Adsense Identity Verification Failed 3 To 5 Times
  • Google Adsense Personal Identification Number [ Pin Number Failed
  • Adsense Action Button Not Working Adsense Pin Verification Failed
  • If you have done your Identity Verification in Google Adsense then now you can do your first
  1. The step has been completed, now you are doing your second step.
  2. step Google Adsense Personal Identification Number (PIN Number) Google Adsense Personal Identification Number [PIN Number] has to be verified.

(Fix Now) Adsense Identity Verification Failed 3 Times 2023

(Fix Now) Adsense Identity Verification Failed 3 Times 2023

Google Adsense Identity Verification Failed 3,4,5 Times What To Do.
google adsense identity Pin verification failed 3,4,5 times what to do now
Google Adsense PIN Verification Failed 3 To 5 times And the Action Button Not Working.

Solution In Article:- Don’t Worry friends, there is nothing to worry about, we know you have faced a lot of difficulties, and worked very hard to fulfill your dreams, now when your dream is about to come true when you start earning through Adsense To transfer money to your Bank Account, you refer to Personal Identification Number (PIN) which fails due to some reason. There are many reasons for Verification Failed like –

Why Is Google Adsense Identity Verification Failing?

  • We have to see that the Email ID on which Youtube Channel or your website is created, Adsense Account should be created on the same ID.
  • It is also to be seen whether your age was more than 18 years while creating your Email ID, if not, then change your age to 18 years on your Email ID (if you have completed the age, otherwise you can change the name of any of your Guardian)
  • The spelling of your name – Email ID + Adsense Personal + ID Proof should be correct
  • ID Proof should be according to Adsense Document Required
  • Your address should be correct in the Identity Proof of Google Adsense Identity Verification, on which the code of Main Post Office i.e. PIN Code should be written.
  • Identity Proof- Do not put any ID in it, only that Identity Proof will be used which is mentioned in Adsense
  • Pan Card- Drivery License – Passport- Voter Card or any such document issued by the government or by any competent authority which has the correct address, correct name, date of birth, pin code, and signature of the officer.
  • The address which is on your Id Proof, the same address should also remain in your Google Adsense.
  • Your photo should be clear and colored in all ID proofs.
  • But you have already failed Verification 3-4 Times and the Action Button is not working.
  • You have already made a mistake, not only that you have made the same mistake over and over again. You have exceeded the limit of Verifying, now it has happened that all the hard work is in vain, that is, the Action Button is not working, and until it does not work, then Identity Verification will not happen until there is no Monetization, then the money will not come.

Solve: – Solution to the problem

(Fix Now) Adsense Identity Verification Failed 3 Times 2023

Now you have no other way left, you have only one way to solve this problem, now you have to talk directly to Google Adsense Customer Support Team, how to talk and have to talk to Google Adsense Costumer Support Have to talk on Team’s email 1.Help-Communities@Google.Com 2. Payments-Noreply@Google.Com You have to send your problem by writing to any of the two emails, but see below what to write

Google Adsense identity verification failed, Adsense Action Button Not Working, Google Adsense Pin Verification Failed,

You will get a reply from Google in some time, the one who has sent his problem, within 24 hours, you will get another email, through which Google will tell you about the further process.

If you want to know or see what I have done from the Google Adsense Community team from beginning to end and all the replies of Google and what else it will take, then comment by writing Email Id and Verification Failed in the comment or Email – ID – Send it to Kumarsuraj@Ieptias.Com.

Google Adsense Personal Identification Number { PIN Number} 

As soon as you confirm your identity (Identity Verification), you will get an Identity Verification Successful mail from Google. Adsense Action Button Not Working.

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Immediately after that, you will get another mail in which you will be asked to verify your address and Personal Identification Number (PIN) but this is also not necessary, you will have to do it immediately and it will not happen immediately. At the same address, you will get Mailer from Google Adsense Speed Post (i.e. as any of our paper letters is brought by the postman from the post office), which will be exactly as given below.

Which will be yours something like this.

how many days will Google Adsense Identity Verification Pin come? Who will bring

Google Adsense Identity Verification Pin, which is sent to us by Mailer (Pin Number) Speed Post for pin verification, brings it to our house in 2-3 weeks, which is your Postman, but friends, it depends on your area. It is as if you live in a village or you have given the address of the village and you live in the city and your Identity Proof is from the village only.

What happens in rural areas, you must have seen that a paper made in your district takes time to reach your home, it is well Maharashtra, it comes from Gore village, it will take some time but let’s talk friends The city takes less time than the rural.

And tell you that the mail you would have received will clearly state that your Pin Number will reach your address in 2-4 weeks if your address is correct then if you address is filled correctly then your postman will be at your home. Will bring it if you are from a rural area, if you live in the city then you will get it there through Delivery.


Let me tell you my friend’s Personal Identification Number {PIN Number} was brought to my house by the postman in two weeks and I have verified my AdsensePin, now my YouTube earning has started Friends our channel 👉 Click SUBSCRIBE NOW 👈👈 Please also click on Bell, if you are still facing any problem in Google Adsense Identity Verification Failed, then please tell us by commenting on Pin Verification.

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