how to earn 5000 per day 2023 – Top 11 Ways 1.50 Lakh Month

how to earn 5000 per day? By Blogging, By Youtube, By Affiliate Marketing, By Freelancing, By Upstox App, By Groww App, By Masai School, By Grocery Store, By Animal Husbandry

Money is such a thing that if any person earns 500 rupees in a day then he dreams of earning 5000 rupees in a day then when he starts earning 5000 then he again dreams of earning 50000 which is the dream of becoming a rich person. good thinking.

That’s why today most people search on the internet for How to earn 5000 per day. So today we have come up with a solution to this problem where we will tell you some online and some offline ways to earn money so that you can easily earn Rs 5000 in a day.

Here I will not only tell you how to earn 5000 in a day, but I will tell you how to earn 5000 in a day every day, that too with full reality examples and proofs, which will make you believe as well as encourage you to earn money.

Earning 5000 rupees in a day is not a small amount, means 150000 rupees a month, which you will not get easily even in any government job, or if you get it, then in a good position, that is, when you get a government job on a good position and good You understand very well how difficult it is to get a government job.

How to earn ₹ 5000 in a day in 2022? – Best 11 Ways to Earn 1.50 Lakh Months
Here I am not saying that it is easy to earn 5000 rupees in a day because it is not possible for a normal person to earn such a huge amount in a day but if you have good options to earn some money then it can be very easy. Is.

Because this is not a fantasy, there are crores of people in our country who earn 5000 to 50000 or 5 lakh rupees a day because they have such options to earn money.

If you are also roaming around with a dream of 5000 rupees in a day and want to know how to earn 5000 per day then this post is for you where we will tell you some good and practical ways by which you can easily earn 5000 days. You can earn Rs. 1.50 lakh per month, so let’s know how?

how to earn 5000 per day in 2023

Whatever methods I will tell here, to earn 5000 a day, you will have to work with hard work and dedication because some people understand the meaning of an easy way to earn 5000 rupees in a day.

Earning 5000 here is not an easy task, but if you want, you can make it simple with your hard work, because when you have a better platform to earn money, then earning 5000 rupees is not a big deal, so let us know that you are a how to earn 5000 per day.

For this, first of all, we will learn about how to earn some money online, then we will know how to earn 5000 per day in some offline way, so let’s start without wasting time and know how to earn 5000 per day.

how to earn 5000 per day
how to earn 5000 per day

1- By blogging

Blogging is considered to be the best way to earn money sitting at home online because you can earn money by blogging in thousands of ways, which mainly includes Google Adsense, Affiliate Marketing, Sponsored Post, Refer And Earn, and earning money by selling Blog. Even if you use only one method, you can earn 5000 rupees a day.

This is the work of earning money from the internet, which takes some time to start and earn money, but when money starts coming from it, then there is no limit to earning money here if you are 5000 or even 5 lakhs in a day. You can earn for which neither any degree nor any big investment is required.

Here you just have to put your effort and work hard with your heart, due to which most of the hard work is done in writing a blog post because this post earns you money, the more you can write the post, the more money you can earn.

There are many people here who do not know what blogging is, or what a blog is, then a blog is a kind of website where you can share information about a topic by writing it, just like you can on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, etc. Let’s share.

The post shared on Facebook or other social media is limited to some people, while the post written on the blog comes in Google’s search result, which can be read by any user of the world.

Similarly, you have to create a blog and design it well and share your information on it, here you can write information about any blog topic that you like and the user can like.

Here you have to work from creating a blog to writing a blog post and doing its SEO, after which your blog post is ranked in Google from where users come to your blog and read your post, only after that you can earn money from this blog. You can start earning.

For this, you have to take Google Adsense’s approval and put its ads on your blog, after which ads appear on your blog, users who read the blog see and click on these ads, and through this, you earn money from the blog.

I have earned $ 300 this month from these Ads, which will be around 26000 rupees in India, for which I have brought only 50000 Page Views on my blog.

If you want to earn 5000 a day then you have to work as I have done and do 6 times more than me then only you can reach how to earn 5000 per day.

2- Via Youtube

If you want to reach how to earn 5000 per day, then Youtube is also the best platform for this, through which you can earn 5000, what is 50000 or even more, because this is the second method after Blogging, where you are not one but thousands. ways to earn money.

The method of earning money from Youtube is similar to Blogging, you can use all the methods you find in Blogging, but there is a big difference between the work of Youtube and the work of Blogging.

Because you have to create a blog in Blogging, while in Youtube you have to create a channel on Youtube, you write blog posts on the blog, but for Youtube Channel, you have to create a video, here there is a difference between Blog and Youtube Seo, which means it is totally different from blogging. There are other ways to earn money.

You also have to invest some money in making a blog, but you can create a Youtube Channel absolutely free, if you like to make a video, then you can do this easily, you just have to choose a video topic on which you can make regular videos. Which the user can like.

When you do this work regularly, then your users and subscribers increase, then you can earn 5000 rupees from Youtube in ways like Google Adsense, Affiliate Marketing, Sponsored Video, Refer and Earn, so can you earn even more from Youtube? How many users are watching your video?

There are thousands of such channels on Youtube that earn more than 5000 a day, this is not a dream, this is the reality that people are doing, in which you will not have to invest too much, you just need a good camera and laptop in the beginning. will be needed.

Many people do this work from mobile too, but if you want to earn some good money by being successful on Youtube, then you will have to invest so much and upload videos regularly, which will definitely take some time, but you can be successful.

3- By Affiliate Marketing

how to earn 5000 per day on Youtube and Blogging can take time but affiliate marketing is the way where you start working today from today itself you can start earning 5000 rupees but for this also you will need a user. Now where you get that user, depends on you.

For example, if you use any social media where there are some good followers or you have a Youtube Channel or Blog/Website where some users come on a daily basis, only then you can earn money by doing affiliate marketing.

Many people here do not even know what Is affiliate marketing or how it is done, so friends, affiliate marketing is the way where you earn commission by selling the product of another company like Amazon, Flipkart, Paytm, etc. There are many lakhs of companies.

Here you just have to join the affiliate program of a company, then take the affiliate link of its product and promote it where your user is so that the user clicks on this link and buys the product, here you can sell as many products as you want. The more you get the commission on the sale, the more you can earn more than Rs 5000 a day.

Here, how much commission you will get on a product sale depends on the company and its product, which can get commissions from 1% to 15, to 20% and there are some companies that give you 50 to 60% for selling a product. Hostinger, Bluehost, and many more give commissions.

50% commission is a lot because the products of a company like hosting are worth 3000 to 10000 or more than 20 thousand, even if you sell a product worth 10000 in a day, you can still earn 5000 rupees.

4- By selling online

Nowadays, many companies give you the facility to sell online, where you can earn Rs 5000 or even Rs 50000 a day by selling your products, depending on what you want to sell and how much you can more earn.

But to do this work, you must have a product, now you make that product yourself or buy and sell it from someone, it depends on you, which is a better way of how to earn 5000 per day, which you can use. Is.

So if you have a product, you can create your seller account by visiting Amazon, Flipkart, or any other company’s website and list your product here where people from all over the world will buy your product and you will sit at home one day. You can earn 5000 or more.

Here you neither have to deliver the product nor take money from anyone, people will order the product online and the delivery boy of this company will take the product from you and deliver it to the people and you will get the money for your product in your Amazon account, whatever the price of that product you have Must have decided.

5- By Freelancing

Freelancing is also a good option for how to earn 5000 per day, where you can earn 5000 rupees or more by working for others, here working for others does not mean working as a servant but being independent Do what you like.

Why can’t people in villages earn 5000 by doing other’s work because the work you do in the village is paid daily and daily means working the whole day in which there is a fixed time to work and money is fixed according to that time. It happens

But Freelancing is not like this, here you definitely do the work of others, but you can set the time and money to work as per your wish, this is a skill disguised work where you work with your skill and earn the amount asked for.

For example, if you sing a song, write a blog post, know how to make a video, know how to make a blog, or you have a good knowledge of any topic, then you can do this work for others, where you can work for time and its price. You can also decide for yourself.

There are lakhs of such freelancers on the internet, so they charge 5000 rupees or more for an hour to do all these works, depending on how the work is and the owner.

So if you have such a skill then you can start Freelancing for which you can go to Freelancing Websites Fiverr, Upwork, and and you can register yourself as a Freelancer from where you will get many such jobs. Work will be easily available, by completing which one can earn 5000 or more.

6- Through Upstox App

Upstox App can also be a better way to earn 5000 rupees in a day if you use it properly because there are many ways to earn money only in Upstox App, using which you can earn 5000 rupees in a day.

What is Upstox App for your information, it is an app to earn money from trading money, with the help of this app you can invest your money in the Stock Market, Mutual funds, etc. You get even more returns.

Now many people may feel that from where will this much money come to be invested, so if you have money then earn money by investing it or if you do not have money then earn money by joining Upstox’s referral program. Because Upstox also gives good money for referrals, from which you can earn 5000 a day.

In Upstox, you can get a referral from Rs 400 to Rs 1200, if I consider Rs 400, then you have to make only 13 referrals a day, so your Earning will be Rs 5200 a day, in this way you will earn Rs 5000 a day. Will earn Rs.

If you do not know what is referral i.e. Refer And Earn, then it is a kind of program where you promote this Upstox App so that people join it and when people join it, Upstox gives you a referral commission.

how to earn 5000 per day

You just have to Join Upstox where you will get a referral link, this link has to be shared with more and more people from where people can join it, the more you can get people to join, the more you can earn money from Upstox.

7- From Groww App

Upstox’s Groww App is also an investment platform that can help you how to earn 5000 rupees a day where you can invest your money and earn money by making referrals because this Groww App also earns 100 per referral. 100 gives Rs.

For this, you just have to create an account on the Groww App where you will get a referral link that you can promote through social media, Youtube, or Blog/Website and you can earn 100 – 100 rupees of referrals by getting people to join Groww App.

You get 100 rupees for one referral, so how to earn 5000 rupees in a day, for that you have to make 50 referrals in one day so that you will earn 5000 rupees in a day.

Getting so many referrals to join is not an easy task, but if you have one to two lakh users on a platform, this task can be very easy for you because 50 people will easily join in one lakh use.

8- Via Masai School

If you are a student and want to know how to earn 5000 per day while studying, then Masai school can be the best option for you, where you can get a job up to earning 5000 rupees a day by studying at this Masai school.

The specialty of this Masai school is that it is a coding school where you can study for free and get a 100% guaranteed job, where your salary is more than 5 lakhs per annum, in such a situation, if your job seems to be up to 18 lakhs per annum, then you have to pay for the day. 5000 is Rs.

This is for those people who are studying and looking for a job, but if you are an older person, then you can join the referral program of Masai School and get people to join Masai School and get 5000 rupees per referral. You can get Amazon vouchers.

What is Masai School, how it works, how to join it, how to get a job, complete information about this post What is Masai School, and how to take admission to it? It is given in where the referral program has also been told, which you can read and get more information about.

9- By opening a grocery store

The grocery store is the way to earn 5000 rupees a day online in today’s era, which can be easily successful even in the village so that how to earn 5000 per day.

But this is a kind of employment in which you will need to invest a huge amount, although this work can also start with a small investment, with one investment, you cannot earn 5000 rupees a day, there is only one way. It is that you open a grocery store with less investment and then gradually increase your business.

But this work will take time, but if you have a large amount, then you can open a big grocery store, from this, you can start earning 5000 rupees a day immediately because you will get a good profit on the sale of all the small and big items of the grocery store. Get.

This is the work where it is not mandatory for you to be educated, just you should know how to do accounting, which you can comfortably sit in your grocery store and earn 5000 a day.

10- By animal husbandry

Animal husbandry is followed by most of the agriculture in the villages.

This animal husbandry can also become a means for you to earn 5000 rupees in a day, just for that you have to raise some such animals which can give you good benefits, that is, you can earn five thousand rupees a day like a goat rearing, buffalo rearing, etc.

This is the animal in which you get the most benefit, for example, in today’s time, the cost of a normal goat is also at least 5000 rupees, here you get money according to the weight of the goat, just for this you have to raise so many goats. If you can sell one goat every day, then you can earn 5000 rupees every day.

Similarly, you can get better profit from this in Bains too, but the cost of raising the bank will be a little bigger, but the profit will be more because you can earn money even by selling milk from Bains. If you sell a liter of milk daily, you will earn Rs.5000.

Not only this, the cost of one ban ranges from 50000 to 100000 rupees, if you sell one or two bans in a month, then you will get an income of about 5000 rupees per day.

You just have to see how many animals you keep, you are getting an income of 5000 rupees, and you will have to raise that many animals, now you can start this business by buying these animals at once, buy some animals and increase this business, it depends on your investment. But this method is also better for how to earn 5000 rupees in a day, especially for those people who are not educated at all.

how to earn 5000 per day

Conclusion – 2023 how to earn 5000 per day

This was the information about earning 5000 rupees in a day, I gave information about how to earn 5000 per day, along with online methods like Blogging, Youtube, Affiliate Marketing Freelanceing, and the Upstox App, in some offline ways, in which you can use one of the methods. You can also earn 5000 rupees a day by following.

Educated people can use the online method here or even if someone is not educated, they can use the offline method and earn ₹ 5000 a day, I hope this information is helpful for you. Will help you how to earn 5000 per day.

If you like this information, then share it with your friends and relatives on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, and all social media so that more and more people can earn 5000 rupees in one. If you still have any doubts, problems,s or suggestions in your mind. So you can ask in the comment, and you will be helped properly.
Thank you.

FAQs: how to earn 5000 per day.

Is it possible to earn Rs 5000 in a day?

Yes, it is possible because many people have done this, 5000 rupees, what 50000 rupees people are earning easily, similarly, you can also earn, for which I have told you 11 ways, in the same way, you can earn.

How to earn 2000 rupees in 1 day?

Friends, when you can earn 5000 in a day, then earning 2000 is even easier for you, for which you can use these methods.

Is it easy to earn Rs 5000 in a day?

No, it is not that easy, especially for a common man but if you have some such arrangements then it can be easy for you.

How to earn 50000 rupees in 1 day?

Friends, the amount of Rs 50000 is a huge amount and you will know that it takes more hard work and more effort to earn a bigger amount, but it is also possible to reach Rs 50000 with the 11 methods I have told you.

How to earn Rs 5000 to Rs 50000 without investing any money?

There is only one solution to this problem of yours Blogging and Youtube where you can do free blogging and also create a Youtube Channel for free but it will take you some time to reach Rs 50000.

How to earn 1000 rupees daily in the easiest way

For this, you can take the help of the Upstox App or Groww App, just you have to make 10 referrals daily, your 1000 will be made in Upstox, then this work will be done in 3 referrals only.

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