What is Public App and how to earn money from Public App 2023? – Real Ways

How to earn money from public app? Do you know What is Public App, how to earn money from it, then in today’s post we are going to talk about how to earn money using Your Local Social Network Public App?

Although there are many people who know and use this App, even today there are many people who do not know what is Public App. So the public app is a social network, which means it is a social media where more and more news is shared in the form of videos, where you can easily see the news of your area.

The specialty of this app is that in this app you can set the name of your state and district, on the basis of which you are only shown more news around you, the uploaders of this news are also not the people of this app.
Rather, people like us and people like you make video news and upload it in the Public App, from here you can not only watch instant news of your area but also earn money by uploading similar news.

By the way, this is not the only way to earn money from this public app, but this app I will tell you some other good ways to earn money so that you can earn very well from this public app.

So if you want to know what is Public App, how to download this App, how to create an account, how to use it, and how to earn money from this Public App, then read this post in full. The complete information about the app has been given in detail, so let’s know first of all.

how to earn money from Public App

what is public app?

Public App is a local news app in which you get to watch videos of news of your local area. In this app you can see what is happening in your nearby district block in the form of all such news videos.

Through public app, you can easily get information about all the activities happening in your surrounding area, along with this, public app provides you all the news videos in your local local language, which you can better understand and watch.

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Because many languages are available in this Pubic App which includes Hindi, Bengali, Gujarati, Marathi, Tamil, Kannada, Telugu, and Malayalam, etc. and it includes some states like Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand, Haryana, Punjab, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Tripura, Telangana, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Himachal Pradesh etc.

Where you can see the news of these states by selecting these states, then in this way, you must have understood what is a public app, so let’s now know about how to earn money from a public app, but before that, you have to download this app. And if you have to create an account, then first of all know about it. What is Public App

How to download Public App?

Downloading Public App is very easy because this App is available on Playstore and you must know that downloading an App from Playstore is considered very safe. To download this Public App, go to Play Store and type Public App in the search bar. Search

As soon as you search so much, you will get this App immediately, where once you click on the Install button, this App will be downloaded and installed on your mobile phone.

If you are not getting this App on Playstore for some reason, then you can also download this Public App by clicking on this link.

How to create an account on Public App?

To earn money from Public App, first, you have to create an account on Public App, which is very simple, here I will tell you only three steps and your account will be created on Public App, friends, why do some people create an account on Public App? Even if it is said how to create an Id, then you do not have to get confused because creating an Id or creating an account both are the same thing.

So let’s now know what is the method of creating the Id or account of the Public App.

Step 1. First of all open the Public App where you will get to see such options.

Here you can create a direct account from Facebook or Google, whatever you think is right, click on that option, my opinion is that you select Google only because you may have to log in to Facebook after selecting Facebook.

Step 2. As soon as you click on “Sign in with Google”, you will come to the next page where you will have to select your email ID, if you have more than one email ID in your mobile phone, you can enter any of them. You can select the one which you want.

Step 3. As soon as you click on any Email Id, you will come to the next page where you get to see such options.

Now from here, you have to choose your location and click on OK in which you will see this type of option from where you just have to select your state.

After which the second page will open where you will have to select your district in the same way, as soon as you complete this work, your account will be created and you will be logged into this Public App.

Where you will see the news video and the options of this Public App will appear.

So this was an easy way to create an account on Public App, now let us know how you can use this Public App and earn money from it.

How to use Public App?

To earn money from Public Apps, first of all, you have to create a good profile, for which you try to make your profile Vip, to make your profile Vip, you have to fill Vip profile application form.

But there may be some terms and conditions for this also.

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After this, you will have to make some news videos regularly and upload it in the Public App, in this way, after working for a few days, some followers start increasing in your Public App when your Public App gets around 10000 followers. Then you can earn money from it.

In this App, you cannot earn money without followers, you should understand very well that the better your News Video is, the sooner you can increase the followers in the Public App, for this you can also create a group and share the video in the group as well.

This is some talk about using Public App, now let us know how you can earn money from this Public App.

how to earn money from public app

There are many ways to earn money from Public apps, in which you can earn money from Public App by sending traffic on Affiliate Marketing, Refer And Earn, URL Shortener, Products Selling, YouTube, Blog & Website and Social Media, etc.

By the way, no option has been given to earn money in the public app, as in other apps, there are ways to earn money from referrals or there are options to monetize from Ads.

But there is no such option in this Public App, but still you can earn money by applying other methods, so let’s know how you can apply these five methods in local Public App and make money from it.

(I) Through Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is such a way of earning money that you can earn money from any social media whether there is any direct monetization option available or not.

Similarly, you can use Affiliate Marketing in your News Video, you can put an Affiliate Marketing link in the video that you upload in this public app, where by clicking on this link anyone buys a product, then you earn.

Now many people here do not know what Affiliate Marketing is and how it works and what is Affiliate Link, then Affiliate Link is the product of shopping companies like Amazon, Flipkart.

For you have to join the affiliate program of these companies, then by taking out the link of their product, you share it anywhere and by clicking on that link and buying a product, then these shopping companies give you some % commission.

The more purchases are made from your link, the more commission you get. For more information about Affiliate Marketing, you can read this post of mine, How to earn money from Affiliate Marketing? You can read from where you will get complete information about Affiliate Marketing.

(II) By Refer And Earn

You can also earn money by Refer And Earning in Public Apps, at this time there are many such Apps and Websites on the Internet, whose referral programs you can join for free and you can remove their referral link and put it in your News Video.

Now whoever creates an account of that App or Website by clicking on this link, then you get a referral commission. To join the best referral program, you can use Groww App, Phone Pe App, Google Pay App, Upstox App, Ezoic Ads Network, Short .st link shortener, etc. can join Apps and websites.

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And you can earn a lot of money from this because in some apps you get 100 rupees, in some you get 500-1000 rupees, and in some, you keep getting lifetime money Refer And Earn For more information, you can refer to this post Refer Karke Paise Can read Kaise Kamaye.

(III) by url shortener

You must have heard the name URL Shortener, if you have heard then URL Shortener is a kind of website that makes a URL short.

And when you share this short URL many times, then whoever clicks on this short URL, then you get money according to the click here, the more you click on this link, the more money you earn.

But for this first, you have to join any Url Shortener website like – Shorte. st, Adf.ly, Za.gl, ShrinkMe.io, Shortzon.com, Ouo.io, etc.

You can join any of these and where you can shorten any URL and put it in your news video or any blog post from where your earning will continue. For more information about URL shortener, you can read my post on how to earn money from URL shortener website.

(IV) Taking sponsorship

You can also earn money from the public app through sponsorship, but for this, you should have some good followers on your public app, only then big companies will offer you sponsorship and you will be able to earn money from it.

Here many people don’t know what is sponsorship so it is a kind of promotion in which companies promote their product or service where they need some good users to use their product or service.

That is why these companies go to big bloggers, YouTubers, and Social Media users who have some good followers, then they offer them sponsorship and get their product or service promoted.

Here how much money you will miss in sponsorship depends on the total follower, the more followers you have, the more money you get, which can range from Rs 1000 to lakhs, in this way you can earn money from the public app.

(v) Bringing traffic to a blog or youtube channel

If you are a Youtuber or Blogger, then you can increase your earnings even more by sending traffic to your Youtube Channel or Blog/Website from this Public App, because Google Adsense or any other Ads network ads are placed on any Blog or Youtube Channel. There is an income.

The more you send traffic from here to Youtube or your Blog, the more income increases there, so you can earn money in this way too, so these were four good ways by which you can earn better than Public App. You will get more information about this in Dheeru Kumar’s video.

Conclusion – How to earn money from Public App

Here is the information about Public apps, you know what is Public App, how to download them, how to create an account, how to use them, and how to earn money from Public Apps.

I hope that with this information, you would have got complete information about Public apps, what is Public App, and how to earn money from Public App it. So that you can earn money from this Public App by using it better, still you have any doubts, questions, or suggestions regarding the Public App, you can ask in the comments.

If you have liked this information, share it with your friends, and relatives on Facebook, Quora, Twitter, or other social media so that more and more people can read this information on how to earn money from Public App and get a solution to their problem.

FAQs –

  1. Q. What is the public app used for?

    Ans – Public app is used to read and watch the news, in which you can upload your news along with watching other news.

  2. Q. Can we earn money from public apps?

    Ans – Yes, you can earn money from the public app, for which we have given five ways in this post that you can use.

  3. Q. How to get money from public app?

    Ans – In the public app you earn money by using a third party which you get money from Affiliate Marketing Refer And Earn, Sponsorship, URL Shortener, etc.

  4. Q. How much money can be earned from the public app?

    Ans – You can earn lakhs of rupees from here, it will totally depend on your followers, the more followers you have in your public app, the more money you can earn.

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