(complete method) how to buy Domain from Godaddy 2023

In today’s post, we will learn the methods of how to buy domain from godaddy, which along with buying a domain, some of its domain types, advantages of the domain, and some specific information about what is domain will also be found in this post, which is necessary to buy a domain.

When a new person wants to start Blogging, the first thing that comes to his mind is which domain to buy, where to buy, and how to buy, which is quite right because Domain Name is the most important part of a blog in Blogging because People of the world know your blog by this name.

By the way, even without buying a domain, you can create a free blog on Blogger, in which you get a free sub-domain, which is like this ieptias.blogspot.com, the biggest drawback of all these domains is that you can remove Blogspot from it anytime. Will not get it and you cannot create WordPress Blog with this domain.

That’s why you must buy a custom domain by investing some money, even if you want to make a blog on Blogger, three things are very important to buy a domain, where to buy a domain, what kind of domain0 to buy, and how to buy, information about which you will get in this way Will see you in the post.

Many new bloggers make mistakes here in order to buy a domain for less money, they buy a domain from a company that is not trustworthy or buy a domain that has no value when you buy free or cheap things. If you go for it, you get those things as well.

So if you want to buy a Domain from GoDaddy, then read this post completely, with complete information about how to buy domain from godaddy, there are ways to buy a Domain from GoDaddy for less money so that you can buy Domain for less money from a trustworthy company. how to buy domain from godaddy

What is Domain Name?

Before buying a domain name, you should also know what is a domain name. A domain name is a unique address that is allotted to all blogs/websites because all the blogs/websites on the internet are from their domain name only. It is known that in clear words this is the identity of your blog.

The domain name of my blog is- ieptias.com, https://becomearichman.com/

This is such a unique address that only I have, no one else can buy a domain with this name and when someone searches this domain on the Internet, my blog will appear first.

This means this name is my property, no one in the world can take it without my consent, someone else will be able to take this domain only when I give it to him of my own free will, or when I do not renew this domain, it will expire. In this situation, anyone can buy this domain.

It has become a matter of what is a domain, so let us now know what are its benefits.

(complete method) how to buy Domain from Godaddy 2023
(complete method) how to buy Domain from Godaddy 2023

What are the benefits of buying Domain Name?

By the way, buying a custom domain has not one but thousands of benefits and that is why people mostly buy custom domains, here we are telling about some special benefits.

  1. The biggest advantage of buying a custom domain name is that your blog has an identity, it is an identity that can never end.
  2. It helps in branding your website and your blog.
  3. By applying a custom domain, you can also move your free blogger blog to WordPress without any harm to your blog.
  4. Your blog looks very professional by applying a custom domain
  5. It also helps in the SEO of your blog
  6. Using a custom domain increases the maximum trust of people on your blog.
  7. With a custom domain, you can keep the URL of your blog as short as possible.

How many types of domains can I buy from GoDaddy?

Before buying any domain, it is important for you to know how many types of domains are there and what is the meaning of each type of domain, although there are hundreds of domains on the Internet, for a blog, I will tell you which domain you should take.

GoDaddy is a worldwide use website and from here you can buy any domain means any type of domain, but every domain has different work and a blogger should take proper domain

So first of all we know how many types of domains are there, then here is a list of types of domains –

1) .com

2) .net

3) .in

4) .co.in

5) .xyz

6) .online

7) .store

8) .us

9) .pk

10) .org

11) .gov

12). technology

These are some special domains that are used nowadays, but apart from this there are many other domains, but here we will know which of these domains is right for you, which means that a Blogger is considered best for blogging.

Which of these domains to buy and why?

Of all these domains, Blogger experts believe that the .com domain is considered to be the best, which is absolutely correct because .com domain is the domain that is most searched on the internet and remembered as the same domain in the mind of all users. also remains.

If you tell someone the name of your site and tell the name of the site of .com, then he remembers it immediately, but if you tell .tech, he does not remember it because whenever a site comes to everyone’s mind. He only remembers .com and no one else.

It has become a matter of the user, but if we talk about Seo, then .com is such a domain in it, which is easily ranked in any country, but you cannot easily rank .in in all countries. .com is a Top level domain considered, although .in is also a top-level domain but only for India, .com is for the whole world.

But it also does not mean that .in or .net is a bad domain, just buying a .com domain only for blogging can not be considered right because if you want to do blogging in Hindi then it is obvious that you are in Hindi only. Will write Blog Post.

And Hindi posts rank less in foreign countries except for India, in this situation .in domain will be more beneficial for you because it ranks the .in domain faster than .com in India.

Overall, if you want to buy a domain for Blogging, then you should take .com, if you want to blog in Hindi and you want your post to rank only in India, then you should take .in, but if you want to rank in a country like the UK then you should take .uk.

If you agree, then you go only with .com, it will work everywhere, which is also the best, however, the prices of all these domains are also different, in which .net is the most expensive and after that, the number of .com comes to you for the rest of the domains. It can also be found cheap, although there is no definite figure regarding their value because the domain of each company and the value of each type of domain are different.

how to buy Domain from Godaddy 2023

So finally, now we know what is the process of buying a Domain Name from GoDaddy, for which read the steps given below carefully and understand according to the picture, then let’s know

1- Go to GoDaddy’s website

To buy a Domain from GoDaddy, first, you have to go to the official website of GoDaddy, for which you search GoDaddy in Google and go to its 0site or click on this link where you will see this type of option.

2- Search Your Domain Name and Check Availability

Now in this, you will see the option of domain search in which you have to enter your domain name and search for example ieptias like I have entered my domain name as you see in the picture

how to buy domain from godaddy

As soon as you click on the search by typing the domain name, you will see all types of domains here which will be available, some types of domains may not be visible here because someone may have bought that domain.

Now if you want to take only .com domain and if it is not visible here, then search the entire domain in the search bar as you searched earlier Ieptias, now search by writing its .com.

For example – manojkideas.com will now immediately tell whether this domain is available or not, like it is not telling in my case because I have already bought this domain, but yours will be available if it is not available, then you can use the same name. net or .in can be taken.

If you want to take .com only, then you have to change the name, which means you can take .com domain by another name.

Now I assume that you have got the domain, then in front of the domain, you will see the option of ‘Add to Cart’, on which you have to click, in this way your domain will be added to the cart. how to buy domain from godaddy

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3- Click on Add to Cart option

When your domain is added to Add to Cart, you will then have to go to the Add to Cart option, for which you can click on the gray basket icon above or click on Add to Domain Cart itself.

4- Eliminate redundant services

When you click on Add to Domain Cart, here GoDaddy adds some unnecessary services which you do not want, you should remove them because it increases the cost of the domain, then untick what you do not want.

5- For how long do you want to buy the domain, select Years

Here you will see the option of Years, in which you will have to select Years, that means for the number of days you want to buy the domain, you have to put the number of years here and accordingly, the price of your domain will also appear here.

how to buy domain from godaddy

Then you have to click on the option of “I’m ready to Pay” and you will come to the next page where you have to make the payment.

6- Sign in to GoDaddy

  1. To buy this domain now, first, you have to sign in or sign up inside GoDaddy
  2. You can create an account here by filling in your basic information or you can sign in if you already have an account.
  3. You can simply use your username and password to sign in or you can also directly sign in from your Google as shown in the picture above.

Or if you want to sign up, then direct Google means you can sign up with your Gmail id or you can also sign up by giving your Gmail Id and any password.

7- Fill in Payment Information

  1. As soon as you complete Sign in or Sign up in GoDaddy it will take you to a Payment Information page where you will have to fill in Billing Information and your Address.
  2. In Billing Information you have to fill in your country, name, and phone number, remember here you have to give your correct name and mobile number, not wrong, otherwise, it may cause you problems later.
  3. Inside the address, you fill in your complete address and click on Save, here you should not make any mistake in your address, especially fill in the pin code correctly.
  1. Now you have to select your Payment Mode to make a payment like – Debit Card, Credit Card, UPI, and Net Banking, select whatever you have, and click on Save.
  2. Now you will reach the top of the Complete Payment page, here you have to Verify all your information and click on Complete Payment.

Now whatever payment option you have chosen Debit Card, Credit Card, or Upi’s information will have to be entered and payment will have to be completed.

  • In this way, your payment will be successful and as soon as your payment is completed your domain name will be added to your product.
  • You can see this in your GoDaddy Account and a message will also come on your Email Id.
how to buy domain from godaddy

Conclusion – How to Buy Domain from GoDaddy

So, friends, this was some important information about how to buy domain from Godaddy, in which you know in detail about the types of domains and the benefits of buying domains, along with knowing how to buy domains.

Hope this information on how to buy domain from GoDaddy will be helpful for you, which you must have liked, with the help of this you can easily buy a Domain from GoDaddy and create your own blog or website.

If you like this information, then share it with your friends on Facebook, Telegram, Pinterest, Whatsapp, Twitter, and other social media. If you still have any doubt in your mind, definitely tell me in the comment.

FAQs –

Can you buy domains from Godaddy?

Yes, you can buy a domain name from Godaddy because it is a reliable and very popular domain provider.

How much does it cost to buy a domain name?

It is difficult to get it in 500 to 1000 rupees because companies have different rates

Why buy a domain name with GoDaddy

Because it is very reliable and you will get a cheap domain from all companies on Dodaddy

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