Who is better for a blog- Ezoic vs AdSense review 2023

Today, almost all bloggers have a problem that which Ads Network to use on their blog to earn money from their blog, that is why in today’s post we will compare Ezoic vs AdSense review 2023 and know who is better in Google Adsense and Ezoic. Is and which Ads Network you should use.

Friends, when it comes to earning money from advertisements on the blog, Google Adsense and Ezoic are the first of all Ads Networks available on the Internet, because these are the two ad networks that can be used to make more money by putting on the blog. Earning can be done, so it is also quite popular which most of the bloggers trust.

But on comparison in Ezoic Vs AdSense Review 2023, there is a huge difference between these two Ad Networks, whether it is a matter of taking Approval on both Blogs, setting it on Blog, using it on Blog, or features in them. Let’s talk about Earning or earning from them.

As far as Google Adsense is concerned, all bloggers know very well about it, it is a very good ad network, which is a very easy process to use and earn money, in which even a new blogger does not face many problems.

Ezoic Vs AdSense Review Which Ad Network To Use On Blog In 2023
Although the setup and use of Ezoic is not as easy as Google Adsense, but this Ad Network gives more features than Google Adsense and Earning is also more because it gets more RPM and sources of Earning are also more.

Here there are some extra advantages in both ad networks, then there are some disadvantages the other hand, so here we will also know the advantages of both the ad networks Ezoic Vs AdSense Review along with the shortcomings so that you can decide for yourself which one you should choose between Google Adsense and Ezoic. Ad networks should be used on your blog.

So if you have any dilemma regarding Google Adsense and Ezoic, then read this post completely, in this the complete information of Ezoic Vs AdSense Review 2023 has been given in detail, so that your doubts will be cleared, so let’s know about it.

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Who is better for a blog Google Adsense Vs Ezoic

To know who is better in Ezoic Vs AdSense Review 2023, you must first have some information about Google Adsense and Ezoic, only then you will be able to decide who is better among these two, so let us first know about it.

Who is better for a blog- Ezoic vs AdSense review 2023
Who is better for a blog Ezoic vs AdSense review 2023

What is Google Adsense?

Google Adsense is a product of Google itself, which automatically shows ads in the form of Text, Images, and Video on the website or blog of you and us Publisher. In today’s time, Earning of most bloggers’ blogs is dependent on this.

If you have a quality blog/website, then you can easily create a Google Adsense account and by taking Google Adsense‘s Approval, you can put its ads on your blog and according to the traffic of your blog/website, you can make lakhs of crores of rupees. You can also earn.

Talking about Earning methods here, there is only one way that you can earn money by placing Google Adsense Ads on your blog/website, there is no other way to earn money in this Google Adsense.

Here the Google Adsense Ads you put on your blog/website earn in two ways, first through Impressions and second through Clicks.

Whatever money you get here, you get it in dollars, when there is 10 $ in your Google Adsense Account, then you have to verify your account completely by completing the KYC (Know Your Customer) of your Google Adsense Account and getting the Pin (personal identification number) of Google Adsense.

After this, as soon as your Earning 100 $ is complete, you can get this money in your bank account, which there is some process and it also takes time, till now you have understood what Google Adsense is, now let’s go to Ezoic know about it.

What are the features and characteristics of Google Adsense?

If we talk about the features of Google Adsense, then there is no special feature in Google Adsense, understand it like this.

  1. Google Adsense has a simple dashboard from where you can add or remove one or more sites.
  2. Along with applying auto ads in Google Adsense, some Ads formats have also been given from where you can generate different Ads Codes and add ads to your blog.
  3. In Auto Ad, you get the option to show more or less ads, but ads are not sure where they will appear, through Ads Code, you can place any number of ads wherever you want.
  4. There is also some optimization setting here but nothing special, there are some options like Lab where you can do some experiments with Ads which is dependent on Google Adsense only.
  5. There is an option to view performance where you can see your earning performance but there is no option to increase or decrease it.

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Who is better for a blog- Ezoic vs AdSense review 2023
Ezoic vs AdSense review 2023

What is Ezoic?

Ezoic is not an Ad Network, but Ezoic is a technology that has many Ad Networks, whose ads it shows on its Publisher’s Blog/Website by optimizing them in a better way because we know and use Publisher Ezoic as Ad Network. If so, then you can consider it as an Ad Network only.

Here also, to use Ezoic on your blog/website, you will have to create an Ezoic Account after completing the setup of this account, you will have to get Approval from Ezoic, after which you can use its ad on your blog and earn money from it.

Here if we talk about ways to earn money, then you can earn money in Ezoic in three ways, first by using Ezoic’s Ad, second by Refer And Earn, and third through Reward, if you talk about getting money in these three ways, then something like this Is.

  • By using Ezoic’s Ad – Money is received through Impressions and other Clicks.
  • By Refer And Earn – You get some % lifetime of Earning of Usre
  • Through Reward – According to the way you perform, you also get some reward

In Ezoic you do not need much KYC nor there is any Pin verification process here you can get this money when you have 25$ in your Ezoic account which takes some time.

So in this way, you have also understood Ezoic, what is Ezoic and how it works, so let us now know the comparison of Google Adsense Vs Ezoic.

Ezoic vs AdSense review 2023

What are the features and specifications of Ezoic?

You have been given many important features in Ezoic, which is more than one feature from Earning to Use, which is as follows.

  1. You have the option to add more than one site in Ezoic but there is no option to remove any site, this option is kept by Ezoic.
  2. Here there are many options to place ads on the blog, which you can apply yourself or you can also get ads from Ezoic’s team.
  3. There is also an option to increase the speed of the blog by which you can increase the speed of your blog.
  4. There are ways to earn money by showing ads on the blog as well as there are some other ways by which you can earn money without taking traffic.
  5. There are many ad network partners of Ezoic, including Google Adsense, which means you can use these ad networks with Ezoic.
  6. You can create more than one account in Ezoic with the same name and receive money from all Ezoic accounts in one bank account.
  7. In Ezoic you get customer care support where you can do direct chat, email, and get solutions to any problem.
  8. If we talk about Ezoic’s charge here, Ezoic does not take any charge, just puts an extra ad on your blog and keeps the earnings of this ad with itself.
  9. All Ads of Ezoic are of High RPM but if you think that RPM is getting less then you can use another ad network with Ezoic whose ad will be of more RPM, and the same ad will be shown on your blog.
  10. Here your blog/website is completely under the control of Ezoic i.e. the owner of your website and he judges himself according to where the user is clicking on your blog and puts the same ad.

What is Ezoic Vs AdSense Best?

Friends, both these ad networks are better than any ad network in the world, but we are talking here that what is the best Ezoic Vs AdSense Review 2023, then there can be no easy answer to this, so here we tell some points. So that you can decide for yourself who is the best among these two.

Who is better for a blog- Ezoic vs AdSense review 2023
Ezoic vs AdSense review 2023
  1. It is very easy to use Google Adsense but it is not so easy to use Ezoic because to connect Google Adsense to the blog, you just have to paste a code, and to connect Ezoic to the blog, change the domain name server. Have to do or connect to Cloudflare.
  2. Google Adsense Vs Ezoic both can be used in WordPress Blog or other website but Ezoic cannot be used in Free Blogger Blog but you can use Google Adsense in both places.
  3. In Google Adsense, you have complete control over your blog but in Ezoic Ezoic have complete control over your blog.
  4. Google Adsense keeps around 40% of your earning and gives 60% to you while Ezoic just puts an ad and keeps the same earning.
  5. There is only one way to earn money in Google Adsense is to earn money by placing ads on your blog but there are ways to earn money by placing ads in Ezoic as well as Refer And Earn and Reward.
  6. You cannot use another ad network with Google Adsense except Ezoic, but in Ezoic you can use any ad network and get its best Rpm.
  7. If for some reason your Google Adsense account is banned, then you will not get the income that was lying in it at that time, but you will get this income in Ezoic.
  8. In Google Adsense, you get special Customer Support but they are not so special but in Ezoic, a personal person is appointed for your blog, who solves any of your problems.
  9. To get the Earning of Google Adsense, one has to do a kind of Kyc with the entire document, in which Pin verification and waiting for 100$, but there is nothing like this in Ezoic, just add a bank account and 25$ Have to wait to happen.
  10. Earning in Google Adsense, you can earn only as long as you have a blog/website, and as long as there is traffic on the blog, but some people have also joined Ezoic through Refer And Earn, so long as they earn on their blog. Some 3% you can earn without a blog and without traffic.

Which ad network to use on the blog Google Adsense Vs Ezoic?

Friends, after knowing so much, you must have understood better which ad network you should use Google Adsense Vs Ezoic but if you want to know from me which ad network is better in my view or which ad network I use So in my view both ad networks are better and I use both.

Now which one you should use, depends on you, but my advice is that if your blog is made on WordPress, then you must use Ezoic as well as use Google Adsense, this will earn you more as well as Google Adsense. There is no danger of being disabled.

So if you want to use Ezoic, then by clicking on this link, you can create an account with Ezoic and use it.

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Conclusion – Which one to use on Google Adsense Vs Ezoic blog?

So, friends, this was some information about Ezoic Vs AdSense Review 2023, where you know what is Google Adsense and what is Ezoic, how it works, what are the features of both of them, where we have compared Google Adsense Vs Ezoic Google Adsense And who is the best in Ezoic.

I hope this information will be helpful for you, you would have liked it a lot so that you will be able to understand better what is better in Ezoic Vs AdSense Review 2023 and which one you should use so that your earning is better and there is no problem with it. Do not come

If you like this information Ezoic Vs AdSense Review by ieptias.com 2023, then share it with your friends and relatives on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, and other social media if you have any problems or suggestions then you can comment I can also ask.

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