how to become a Freelancer and earn money from Freelancer 2023?

Friends, when you search for ways to earn money online, the name Freelancer is also found in it, but many of you may not know what Freelancer is, how it works and how to become a freelancer.

Freelancer is a way to earn money in which you work as your own boss and people come to you to work where you charge accordingly.

Though you can start freelancing for free where you do not need to spend a single rupee, it is a skill basic job in which you can work on many topics like writing and translation, graphics and design, SEO, digital marketing, etc. and can do programming

Today there are many freelancers who work only on Freelancing Sites, they do not like work like Youtube, Blog, or Affiliate Marketing because all these are a waste of time, then you can earn some money from it.

But if you have some talent to do freelancing work, then today you can do freelancing work by visiting any freelancing site and earn a lot of money from it.

How to become a freelancer and earn money from freelancers?
So if you want to know how to become a freelancer, how it works, and how to earn money from Freelancer, then read this post completely, it has been explained in detail, so let’s know without losing time.

how to become a Freelancer and earn money from Freelancer 2023
how to become a Freelancer and earn money from Freelancer 2023

What is the difference between Freelancing and Freelancer?

What is Freelancing?

If a person has any skill or art, then he should use that art for another person and that person gives him money in return, this is called freelancing.

Freelancing is a skill basic job where you earn money according to your skills like Writing or Translation, Graphics or Design, SEO, Digital Marketing, Programming or Tech, Video or Animation, Music or Audio etc.

If any of these work for you then you can do freelancing for someone else i.e. the work that other person wants to do, you have to do that work and in return that person will give you money and this work is called freelancing.

In freelancing, you do not work for any particular person or form, rather you have to find people who get such work done and work for them.

When the work of one is over, the other has to be found and similarly when you become too old in this work, you do not need to find such people.

Rather, these people find you themselves and come to you and give you their work, where you charge money from them according to your own.

Although you can do freelancing work both online and offline, but it is best to do it online, in which there is no problem in finding clients, in this way you have understood what freelancing is, so let’s know a little now. What is freelancer and how to become a freelancer?

What is Freelancer?

The person who earns money by working with his hidden skill or skill, we call him Freelancer, which means that only those who do Freelancing work are Freelancers.

Just like we call a person who drives a car a driver, a person who runs a shop is called a shopkeeper, and a person who writes a blog is called a blogger, in the same way a person doing freelancing is called a freelancer.

So in this way you must have understood very well what is freelancing and what is freelancer, now it comes to how to earn money by becoming a freelancer.

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how to become a freelancer?

Friends, there is no need to go anywhere to become a freelancer, if you want, you can become a freelancer only by working online, but the question comes, how to become a good freelancer?

Therefore, to become a good freelancer, instead of just working online, you have to pay attention offline because offline you will find clients who do not know much about freelancing charges, they are ready to pay whatever you charge them. Are. ,,

While the same online clients do not pay as much as they search the internet that how much work can be done for the least amount of money, apart from this the ways to become a good freelancer can be something like this.

  1. First of all, you have to decide whether Freelancing is for you means whether you have any skill or not.
  2. If you really have any talent then first of all you have to choose a platform from where you can start freelancing.
  3. Now that you have selected a platform, first of all create a good profile there which is good looking and has all the options to contact you.
  4. Now there you have to create a portfolio.
  5. Now decide the price of the work you want to do in such a way that you will take this much money for this work.
  6. Now you have to find work according to your knowledge and skills.
  7. Now learn good ways to talk to clients, which will make it easier to get work and build a good relationship with them even after the work is done.

Top Freelancing Site

To earn money from freelancer by becoming a freelancer, there are some top freelancing sites of this time where you can create your account.

  2. Fiverr
  3. Urban Pro
  4. Guru
  5. Upwork
  6. PeoplePerHour
  7. Listverse

How to create an account on Freelancer?

Friends, it is easy to create an account on Freelancer, by completing some steps, you can create your account on Freelancer, read the steps given below carefully.

  1. To create an account on your freelancer, you must first go to the site of, then you see the option of Sign Up, on which you have to click.

How to become a freelancer and how to earn money from freelancers?

  1. Sign up here Two types of options will appear here which include Facebook and Email ID, out of which you can choose any one.
  2. Now in the next step you have to give a User Name, this is the User Name which is created once and can never be changed in future, so try to give a good name which you will never change. Don’t need

Now see how this (example. Username) will be. how to become a freelancer

alphanumeric (contains some letters and some numbers)
Username must be of maximum 16 characters and must start with an alphabet i.e. capital letter.

  1. Now you have to choose your account type, which means you can change the account type anytime.

How to become a freelancer and earn money from freelancers?

  1. After registration, a message will come on your email ID, which will have to be verified and completed by filling in the account details.
  2. Now you will see a variety of categories in which you have to choose your category, choose the category you want to do the work you are interested in.

how to become a freelancer and earn money from freelancers?

  1. Now you have to fill in your full name, select a language and select Beginner in Experience and click on Next.
  2. Now the next step will be to add your bank account, if you want to verify your account details now, you can verify by filling all your bank details or you can even skip this step.
  3. After this you will be asked for Freelancer Membership, then you have to leave it too.

By doing this, your account will be created on, now you can start freelancing work by taking your work from here and by completing that work, you can earn good money from it.

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How to work on Freelancer?

Although freelancers work on a per-project basis, they can take a fixed project every month and complete the work and give it to that project on a daily or hourly basis and get paid accordingly

Freelancer has to give time by working according to his hours or time, like initially a client is ready to give more than one job, then he has to complete his work on given time, for which he will pay you fixed amount pays. ,

Now from where the freelancer would like to do this work and whether the client will arrange for it or not, all these things are already decided, although you can do this work from home also, but if the client wants you to stay at home Place. If you do a job, then you can also do that for which you can charge more.

Which is like a secure job and which earns more than any other job. You can do freelance work in such a way that you can earn money by doing freelance.

  1. In the beginning a freelancer usually goes to a website, creates his profile there and puts some samples (examples) of his work on the profile, seeing which some clients come to him to get work done.
  2. The cost of their work is also written on their profile. Any Freelancer keeps the price low in the initial time, so that he easily gets clients, for whose work he takes money, along with making the client happy with his work, he also gets other work. also paves the way for
  3. Gradually many clients start getting to know him, due to which the freelancer starts getting good work, then that freelancer increases some of his charges, which increases his earnings to a great extent.

How to do freelancer work from home and earn money

Friends, where in a government job you have to go to office daily to work, but in freelance work you do not need to go to any office.

To do this work, you just need laptop / computer or Android mobile and net connection, after that you can work freelancer from wherever you want.

For this, all you have to do is go to a freelancing site and create your profile on that site by giving complete information about your identity as well as your working skills, seeing which people will contact you to get work done.

Now whatever work is available from there, it has to be completed sitting at home and has to be given to that client and money has to be taken from him and you can do all this work online only through internet.

how to earn money from freelancer

Whenever you create a freelancer account and complete it, there are many projects in front of you, in which you can choose your choice and earn money, but keep in mind that you choose the work that you can do about which you are fully aware and for which you are eligible.

This makes it easy for you to do further tasks, by completing which you can get the money directly in your bank account.

Any company or any organization hires you on the basis of your profile, looking at your qualification, and experience pays for it, so you have to make your profile better.

A newbie has no experience, but as you work, experience builds up over time, the same experience shows up when you do many things, even by showing those things as examples You can charge good money. Is.

Whatever you earn on this Freelancer, this site automatically send money to your account securely and it is your earning.

how to become a Freelancer and earn money from Freelancer 2023?

1. By Digital Marketing

Friends, if you know the work of digital marketing, then you can earn lakhs of rupees through, here you only have to do digital marketing work for people and in return take money from them.

Here many people do not know what is digital marketing and how to do it, so digital marketing is the concept in which you can do SEO, SEM, SMM, content marketing, PPC advertising, lead generation etc.

For this, first you have to learn all this work and learn better so that you can do all this work for people, when you learn it well then you automatically register as a freelancer on Can be

After which you will start getting a lot of digital marketing work from the client then you can charge there how much money you can take for doing that work and after completing that work you can earn as much as a freelancer Are.

2. By web development

Web development is a work in which you do the work of creating blogs/websites, creating apps, etc. in which you need coding knowledge. Nowadays many people want to create their own blog/website or app, those who do not know how to create it. Freelancers get it done by paying money.

All you can do is register yourself as a freelancer web presenter on and from here you can complete observational work and take money from your clients.

Here you will get very good money for doing web development, depending on how well you know the work of web development, if you are doing this work well then you will get lakhs of rupees for making blog website or app.

3. By blogging

If you are a blogger and you do not know anything other than blogging, then you can do blogging for people by becoming a freelancer and from this you can earn lakhs of rupees a month.

For this, you should have complete knowledge of blogging, if you have good knowledge of blogging, then you can register yourself as a blogging freelancer by visiting, after which many bloggers will give you blogging work, from which you can earn. Can make a lot of money. can do

Here you can do blogging work on your own, for which you have very good knowledge because there are many things like creating a blog in blogging, managing a blog, doing its SEO and writing a blog post, if you want, you can do all these things. can do. You can do any work or you will get good money for all.

To do this type of work, you will get two types of options that you can do all this work sitting at your home as a freelancer or you can stay with blogger and work only for that, here the work you will do Will do accordingly and get paid accordingly.

how to become a Freelancer and earn money from Freelancer 2023?
How To Become A Freelancer

4. By Content Writing

If you are a good Content Writer, then you can earn a lot of money through Freelancer only by writing content, for this, you have to register yourself as Content Right Freelancer on and do the work of writing content for people. Will happen.

Here you will get a lot of content writing work from, just you have to write the content and give it to the client, where you can charge for writing worded content, in which you will get money from 10 paise per word to 10 rupees per word. . But you have to write the content well.

Most of today’s bloggers get their content written by freelancers, if you can write content that can easily rank in Google, then you will get whatever money you want, in this way you can earn lakhs of rupees a month even by doing content writing.

how to become a freelancer

5. By Graphic Designing

Graphic designing is the work in which you create images, logos etc. If you know how to create great images and logos, then you can create logos and images for people through freelancers and you can earn a lot of money through graphic designing.

Here you can get 40 to 70 dollars or more for doing graphic designing, just you should have good graphic designing art, the work of graphic designing is not very difficult, even if you do not know this work, you can do it. Internet in a few days. can learn from.

Now you can register as a graphic designing freelancer by visiting and earn money by completing graphic designing work here.

Many people find this work easy but for those who want to do graphic designing, it is easy and for those who do not know it, it is a difficult task, so people get graphic designing done by others and for this they make good money. Give too If yes, then you can also earn money using this method.

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Conclusion – How to earn money from Freelancer

So in the end you must have got complete information about what is Freelancing and how to become a freelancer, how to work on freelancers and how to earn money from Freelancing.

Friends, I always try to give complete information about my every post, I hope that in this post you have got complete information about earning money by doing online freelancing work from

If you have how to become a freelancer in your mind? If you have any questions or suggestions, then definitely tell in the comment and it takes a lot of hard work to write this post, you have got to learn something in this post, and sharing this post can make our hard work come true to some extent.

To get information about such information, turn on the notification well of the blog and you can also follow us on Telegram.

FAQs: (Frequently Asked Questions) how to become a freelancer

How much money can I earn from Freelancer?

You can earn lakhs of rupees a month, there is no limit to earning money here.

How to earn money from freelancing?

Apart from the Freelancer website, you can earn money by doing Freelancing work on more than 50 sites like Fiverr, Upwork, PeoplePerHour, Truelancer

Which are the most sought-after freelance jobs?

Data Entry, Content Writing, Virtual Assistant, Online Sales, Blogging, Web Development, YouTube Videos, etc. are the ones that get paid the most.

How to start freelancing?

All you have to do is learn some Freelancing Skil and register on some Freelancing, create your profile, and just your freelancing will start.

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