how to create high quality backlinks 2023 What are the types of backlinks?

how to create high quality backlinks There is doubt in the mind of every new blogger about where to make Backlinks, what are Backlinks, is right or not, and what means what kind of Backlinks should be made, then in today’s post, answers to these questions are in this post. will get

There are many bloggers who do not even know what is Backlinks and why to create Backlinks but many people know that Backlinks help us to rank our posts in Google.

Some people keep wasting their whole time in the affair of Backlinks because there is a lot of doubt in their mind about Backlink and they feel that only Backlink can get their post ranked and some people even spend a lot of their money on this Backlink. They keep on wasting money on the affair, yet their post is not ranked.

So today, with the answers to all these questions, you will know in this post, 11 ways to how to create high quality backlinks, by which your post will be ranked in Google and there will be no problem with its wrong meaning.

What is Backlink?

If you take out the meaning of Backlink in simple language, then Back means from behind and Link means from URL [] which means to say that it works from behind. Makes way

[6 Easy Tips] how to create high quality backlinks?
When the link of a web page is connected with another web page, then we call it Backlink, let’s understand it in some more simple language.

For example, there is a good Blog/Website on which a lot of visitors come to read the post, and the link to your site is given in the same post that they are reading, then those visitors come to your site by clicking on that link.

Due to this visitors start increasing on your site as well, due to which your post ranks better in Google and this is called backlink.

So now you must have understood what is Backlinks, but to use any Backlink, there are some terms related to it, that you need to know, only then you will be able to understand it and use it in your Blog/Website.

how to create high quality backlinks 2023 What are the types of backlinks?
how to create high quality backlinks 2023

What is the name of the Backlinks?

1. Internal Links

Internal Links do not mean from any external site, it means that it is your own post like your post is ranked in Google and today you are writing another post, then that post link can be given in this post so that this new post also Linking two posts together can rank in Google Internal Links are there in which you can link many posts.

So there were some terms of backlinks or their names, now we will know what the types of backlinks mean what are the types of backlinks, then we will know how to make them.

2. High-Quality Links

If you want to know how to create high quality backlinks, then only a High-Quality website can provide High-Quality Backlinks. A high-Quality Website means those websites which are quite popular.

Whose DA, LA is high and their value is high in the eyes of Google, if your site gets High-Quality Backlinks, then your website gets High Ranking in Search Engine.

In High-Quality Backlinks, you need to take care of some things, you have to make Backlinks from the same site which is your Relevant Sites, meaning if your site is above Fashion, then you will also have to make Backlinks from any Fashion Relevant Sites and not any Tech Blog. From.

Because the person who reads the post on fashion, clicks on your link, and comes to your site, then he will not read the post about Tech and will return from there, which means where there was going to be a loss, there was a loss.

3. Low-Quality Links

Low Quality is such a link that comes to your blog/website from the wrong site, from Spam Sites, or from Porn Sites, such links only harm your site, so whenever you create Backlinks, keep in mind that If your site gets a link, it should be a High-Quality Link, otherwise, your site will have less profit and more loss.

4. Link Juice

Juice Link helps to rank your post as well as improves your Domain Authority. Now it comes to what is Link Juice when the link of a web page is linked to any article on your website or linked to the homepage. If it happens, it reaches your website through Link Flow, then we call it Link Juice.

How many types of backlinks are there?

No matter how you create Backlinks from anywhere, when talking about the type of Backlink, there are only two types of Backlinks.

  • DoFollow Backlink
  • NoFollow Backlink

1. NoFollow Backlink

NoFollow Backlink This is the one that does not allow one website to pass Link Juice to another website, NoFollow Backlink also has no value in Search Engine, NoFollow Link does not help in ranking your website as well.

But even after this there are some advantages of NoFollow Backlink, they give Natural Look to your Profile Link, if all the links make DoFollow, then Google will feel that your Profile Link is not Natural, for which Google can also Penalize you, so you will get NoFollow Backlink. It is also necessary to make

NoFollow Backlink is created when you do not like some things about another website.

2. DoFollow Backlink

I have already told you about Link Juice above, Do-Follow Backlink helps in passing Link Juice, it gives way to one website to go to another website and the link that is created in this process is called Do-Follow Link. It is said

By the way, all the links that you give on other websites or on blog posts are all Do-Follow Links, but you yourself decide whether that link will be do-follow or no-follow.

Do-Follow Links help a lot in increasing the ranking of your website in Search Engine as well as prove to be very beneficial for your blog.

how to create high quality backlinks

how to create high quality backlinks 2023

Everyone has a different perspective on creating backlinks, some people feel that without backlinks their posts cannot rank in Google, so they pay more attention to creating backlinks than content.

But I agree that Backlinks are not very important, I have not made any Backlinks from any website to date and in my today’s 30 posts, 19 posts are ranked on the first page of Google, I have always paid attention to the content.

Yes, there are some benefits of Backlinks, it helps in increasing visitors to your blog, as well as increase your Da, Pa, but if you do not pay attention to the content, then do whatever you want, your post cannot be ranked in Google.

What do any Backlinks do, it brings users to your post and when your content is not good, then the user returns, in this situation your post starts getting deranged instead of being ranked.

So if you want to rank in Google, then follow the steps given below to create backlinks.

1- From my site

Most of you new or old bloggers email us from my site to get a banklink on your site, so if you also want a quality banklink from my site, then you can easily get it, whose condition will be as follows.

You can make a guest post, Backlink Exchanges, and Paid Backlinks all three types of backlinks on my site but the final decision will be mine as to whom to give backlinks and who not to give.

Guest Post Backlinks – For this, you have to write a post on my given keyword, which should not be 1% copied from anywhere, images, etc. of the post will have to be made, it does not matter to me how many words count the post will be, but your written post It should be such that it can rank in Google.

Because I will update this post regularly and try to rank it, if your written post does not rank up to the top 3 numbers within 6 months, then I will edit or delete this post and in both cases, your bank link will be removed. Give.

Backlink Exchange – By Exchange you can get backlinks from any of my posts for which you have to give an Outbound Link of my post and give a backlink from your post.

This means for example, if you want a backlink from my post-Mobile Blog Kaise Baneye, then you will have to take a banklink on the post of making a blog, I will not give a backlink from this post on any other topic’s post.

Similarly, you can create banklink for free by exchanging on a similar post, but be clear, on which post I will give you banklink, from the same post I will also take banklink of my other post which will be the same.

Paid Backlinks – I do not want to give Paid Backlinks to anyone, so I charge a high amount from those who ask for Paid Backlinks again and again, which will be above ten thousand rupees according to your site, not a single rupee less.

But if you are a sponsor and give a sponsored post by writing, then you can email us, and we can negotiate this bank link among ourselves, but even in this, it is better if the sponsor who pays less than $ 50 does not mail us.

By commenting

Comment banklink is also very beneficial, when you read a post on a blog, then you get a backlink by commenting on that post, just you have to give the URL of the blog while commenting, and it does not waste much of your time.

This small comment tells many people that you have said something on this blog and sometimes it happens when you comment on a blog, the creator of that blog checks your site.

In which he likes something, then he comments on your site and when a successful blogger comments on your site, then his user also comes to know about it, then that user starts coming to your site.

Many people may not understand these things, so let me give you an example, first you have to search in your Chrome Browser, then search the name of my blog ieptias or ieptias .com.

Now in the result, you will get to see some posts of my blog, all the social media of this name, and on which site I have created my profile and where and where I have commented.

By guest posting

These backlinks are actually High-Quality Backlinks which are the best backlinks, although I do not suggest Guest Posting to anyone, nor do I do it myself.

But if you want to get banklink from a good high DA, PA site then this is the best way where you can get (DO follow banklink) by guest posting on a blog which is very beneficial for your blog.

But it is not easy to get a banklink even through guest posting from a big blogger means a high DA PA wali site because if you are a small blogger then a big blogger will not accept your guest post.

In such a situation, you will try to get a guest post banklink from a similar blogger, which according to me, this Guest Posting is a waste of time, the post you are writing so hard should be posted on someone else’s blog and how many users will you get from this.

You will not get users only when that post is ranked, you want to get your post ranked on another’s blogs, do this work on your blog.

According to me, the backlink is correct, which thousand two thousand people come, which is related to your blog, a link to your site has been given in it, whose post is it, who has written it, it does not matter if you get such a backlink. If you don’t get it right, don’t pay much attention to the backlink.

And such backlinks are also found in which your time is not wasted, you get such backlinks by money or by compromising.

Write Quality Content

You can get your blog ranked on the first page of Google even without backlinks, but for this, you have to improve your own content quality, if your content is strong, then what can rank the first page on the first number?

I will give you a small example of this when I started my blog thinking that I will write whatever comes to my mind and started writing the same in which I used to write about bathing, eating, and missing.

Then read some blogs and started writing like them and this is where my posts started getting ranked those keywords were ranked which were high search volume without any backlinks, I didn’t even know if there would be backlinks, think if my post could rank while learning. If better content is made than that then there is no need for any backlinks.

All you have to do is write good content that visitors like, your visitors get some value from that content, and those visitors come back to your blog again. As long as the visitors stay on your post, there are chances of increasing your ranking.

But if the same person comes to your post through a backlink and he did not like the post and he returns, then the ranking starts falling.

5. Profile Backlinks

When you create a new blog, first of all, you should create some Profile Backlinks, Profile Backlinks do not bring much traffic to your blog but it builds your authority.

And Google’s crawlers visit those sites so that they come to know whether your site is present or not, it is not for the purpose of increasing the user but to tell the crawler that your site is accessed.

Profile Backlinks are those that you go to a site and make a complete profile about yourself, in which you give the URL of your blog, whether in the form of a bio, in the form of anchor text,

You will find many sites to create Profile Backlinks, for this you have to go to your browser and search for Profile Backlinks Websites, in which you will find many sites, apart from this you have all your social media.

Where you can create as many profile backlinks for your blog as you want to create High-Quality Backlinks, for this you can use these sites.

how to create high quality backlinks 2023 What are the types of backlinks?
how to create high quality backlinks 2023 What are the types of backlinks?

Conclusion – how to create high quality backlinks

So this was some important information about what is Backlinks, which you know how to create high quality backlinks, in which Backlinks are right and which are not, you must have got information about how important Backlinks are, so in this way, you can make.

If you work keeping in mind the things mentioned by me, then your post will definitely be ranked in Google, I hope this information will be good for you what is Backlinks and how to create high quality backlinks, how did you like the information, please give your opinion in the comment box.

If you do not like this information, then you can tell us about it, which helps us to make our next post even better, as well as share this post with your friends on Facebook, Telegram, Twitter, Linkedin, and other social media so that it reaches more people. Information can be spread so that they too can be helped.

FAQs – 

Q. What are quality backlinks in SEO?

Ans – The simple meaning of quality backlinks is to create the right backlink according to your post, whose information I have given in this post.

Q. How to make high-quality backlinks for free?

Ans – There are many ways to create backlinks, in which you can get social media, forum sites, comment backlinks, and organic backlinks along with making backlinks from a blog, as well as create my site free backlinks, which you have given complete information in this post. Has gone

Q. Can I get backlinks from Medium?

Ans – You can create medium not one or two types of backlinks, in which along with creating profile backlinks, you can also create backlinks by sharing posts.

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