(Top 11 methods) how to earn money from Quora App 2023

In today’s article, we will learn how to earn money from Quora App by using the Quora Platform, as well as many people may not know what Is Quora App, or how to use it so we Will give complete information about this also.

Nowadays, there are many ways to earn money online, in which Quora also has a very important contribution, in which you can earn a lot of money just by Question and Answer.

You must have heard and read about earning money from blogs, earning money from Youtube, earning money from Facebook, earning money from WhatsApp, and many other ways, but to earn money in all these, you have to make Followers, which is a lot of hard work You have to do it only then you can earn money from them.

(Top 11 methods) how to earn money from Quora App 2023
What is Quora App

But this is not the case in Quora, for this only one of your answers can earn you a lot of money. Quora is such a powerful website that it ranks your answers very quickly in Google from where you get traffic from which you earn money.

What is Quora App and how to earn money from Quora
Many of you know about it and use it by answering the questions of your friends. Many people also use it to grow their business. Quora has a website, as well as an App which you can use according to your, Can do from

If you also want to know all those methods, then read this post completely, in this, you have been given complete information about what is Quora App and how to earn money from Quora App, I hope you will like this post.

What is Quora App?

Quora is such an Online Question Answer Forum where people from all over the world join together and put their Queries in front of each other through this website and app and get their answers and also if they know the answer to someone’s question here. So we answer him and clarify his feelings.

Now it comes to the point what is the definition of what kind of questions can be asked in it, then you can ask questions on any subject or any topic through Quora and you get the answer in Quora.

This is also the specialty of Quora where you can ask a question to a personal person and request an answer from him and also get a notification that shows which person has answered.

(Top 11 methods) how to earn money from Quora App 2023, What is Quora App
how to earn money from Quora

You will find Quora App easily on Playstore from where you can download it.

Quora is the world’s 81st largest website, which is used by people from all over the world, more than 70 million Organic Keywords rank on Google Quora’s website and more than 120 million Organic Traffic comes in it.

From this you can guess what kind of site Quora is, it is beyond the normal thinking of any blogger, so in this way you must have understood what is Quora App, so let’s now know about the founder of Quora.

Who is the founder of Quora?

You say that the founder of Quora has worked on Facebook, the employees are Adam DeAngelo and Charlie Cheever, who created or built Quora in 2009, but it came in front of the 2010 people, which means it was launched.

Charlie Cheever, the creator of Quora, has told that he was earlier going to name Quora as Keever, but this name was a bit awkward and big, which did not even feel good to speak.

But the name Quora was very nice to speak and it was also small, so those people named it Quora, which today Quora has become a Question Answer Forum, in which there are options to earn money.

Requirements to earn money from Quora.

There is no increased requirement to earn money from Quora, if you are an Internet user, then you will have a mobile or laptop/computer, with the help of which you can easily earn money by working on Quora.

For you will have to create an account on Quora along with creating a Quora platform, space, etc.

So let’s know what is the requirement to earn money from Quora App.

  • You must have a good Android Mobile or Laptop/Computer
  • There should be an account of Quora along with Quora Space should also be its platform which can be created by using Quora’s website or App.
  • Daily Question Answer will have to be done on Quora for which you will need to be active on Quora.
  • Some content will also have to be uploaded on Quora which the user can like.
  • When you work like this for a few days, you become a lot of followers, then you can earn money from Quora through Affiliate Marketing, Quora Ads, Sponsorship, and Product Selling.

how to earn money from Quora App

In Quora App, you will find many ways to earn money, in which Qoura itself gives you the feature of Quora App Monetization, the way you monetize through Youtube Channels and Blog Ads.

Similarly, in Quora also you get this option through which you earn money from Quora, but apart from this, you earn money in Quora in many ways from third-party monetization.

What is Quora App

So let us first know how to earn money from Quora Monetization itself, then we will know about other ways to earn money from Quora.

Ways to earn money from Quoramonthly income
By creating the Quora (Space) platform40 to 50 thousand rupees
Quora Partner Program30 To 35 Thousand Rupees
driving traffic to the websiteUnlimited money depend on traffic
eBook seller1 to 2 lakh rupees
by affiliate marketing3 to 5 lakh rupees
By Quora Advertisement60 to 80 thousand rupees
Via URL Shortener20 to 25 thousand rupees
By Branding BlogUnlimited Money Depend on Blog Traffic
By Refer And EarnUnlimited Money Depends on Blog Traffic
Bringing traffic to youtube channelBringing traffic to the youtube channel
via telegram and facebookvia telegram and Facebook

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By creating the Quora (Space) platform

Quora Space is also like a Group like we create a Group on Facebook, which can be joined by unlimited people, in the same way, there is such an option in Quora, which you can also call Group or Forum, it has been named Quora Space. You can earn money from Quora.

Space means space in Hindi means making space which can be called space, this is the place from where you can do blogging with the help of this Quora and this is called Quora Space.

(Top 11 methods) how to earn money from Quora App 2023
(Top 11 methods) how to earn money from Quora App 2023

To create Quora Space, first of all, you have to be active on Quora for a few days, then you see the option of creating Quora Space which looks like this.

There are also two categories of making this Quora Space, in both Hindi and English, you can create a space where you answer people’s questions and you can also add your own questions.

If you create a space in English, then an ad is run on it from Quora so that you can earn money from it, but if you create a space on Quora in Hindi, you cannot earn money from it because ads are not run on it.

At present, you can earn by creating a space in English, maybe in the coming time, ads will be run on Hindi Space and you can earn from that too, but for now, how to earn money from Quora Space, you will have to create English Space.

Quora Partner Program

What is Quora Partner Program: – This Partner Program has been launched recently in which you can earn money by answering the questions asked by people through this program.

When someone asks a question on Quora App, Quora runs Ads on it, keeping some % of the income from those Ads, and giving you the rest of the money, which you can send to your bank through your Paypal.

This Quora Partner Program is not available to everyone, for this, you have to get more than 1 lakh views on your questions and answers, as well as the user’s engagement on your questions and answers should be good, then you will get the Quora Partner Program invitation.

When Quora Team feels that you are a good writer because more Views and Upvotes come on your question and answer, people like your question and answer, then you are eligible for a Quora Partner Program invitation, then you are given an invitation, after which You start earning money from Quora.

By sending traffic to the website

If you have a blog or website, then with the help of Quora, you can bring good traffic to your blog or website by asking questions and answers, in which you can earn more money than Google Adsense or many other ways.

For this, you just have to give a link to your blog or website in your question answer, so that more people come to the blog or website.

This is a simple way to bring traffic to your blog or website because people go to Quora’s site to read the answer and when a link is found in the same answer, they click on it, then they go to your blog or website. Due to this, the traffic of your blog or website increases a lot, due to which you earn well.

By Branding Blog

Through the Quora website, you can access information about your blog, which increases the popularity of your brand to a great extent, especially when you put a link in it, then before clicking on the link, it should know about your brand. If you get it then by clicking on the link your earning increases.

eBook Seller

You can also earn good money by selling Ebooks on Quora because Quora is a platform that is gathering people who want to get new information and knowledge and want to earn money.

In such a situation, if you are an expert in writing books, then you can make an online Ebook, if you make an Ebook and put the solution to the question posted on Quora at an average price, then people will buy it, which will earn you money.

Apart from this, you can increase the popularity of your created Ebook by sharing it on social media so that your Ebook can be sold more.

Due to this, your fame and popularity increase a lot and your profits increase significantly, due to which the readers are also comfortable and you earn well by selling your Ebook.

By doing affiliate marketing

When you have opened the Quora website, you must have seen that people keep sharing reviews of many products in Hindi and English or other languages, and links to the product are also given below that review, you can also give links to your product in the same way. and can share them.

Now when someone buys a product from that link, you get commission money, for this, you just have to join an Affiliate Program like Amazon, Flipkart, and many more Affiliate Programs which you can join for free.

On this, you can earn very well from the Quora app through affiliate marketing and you can earn very well from it, which can be up to lakhs of rupees per month, depending on how much work you do here.

Quora via Advertisement

If you have a company, then you want to promote your company, then Quora provides you with this facility, in which you answer questions related to your company.

It ranks first in Google because any Oostumer searches about the company on the Internet, then about its products and the answers they get from Quora.

In this way, you can increase the sale of your company by promoting it, as well as earn money from its advertisement, where you also benefit and the company also benefits, so that you can generate more income.

Through URL Shortener

URL Shortener is a website using which you can earn money from any platform because URL Shortener gives the option of earning money by sharing the link from where you can earn by sharing any link by shortening it.

There are many websites in URL Shortener, about which we have told in this post how to earn money from URL Shortener Websites, all you have to do is create an account on this URL Shortener and share any of your links here by shortening them on Quora.

When a user clicks this link, you will get money because URL Shortener pays only for clicks, here the more clicks you can bring to your shared link, the more URL Shortener you can earn.

Along with this, you can also earn money by referring to these URL Shortener websites because URL Shortener gives lifetime earnings of referral, here the more referrals you make and the more earning that referral will be, you will get a lifetime.

By Refer And Earn

You can also earn money by Refer And Earn in Quora App Refer And Earn is such a way in which you just have to join some referral program and take out its referral link and share it with your friends.

Now whoever creates his account by clicking on that referral link, you get a referral commission, from this there are different commissions for each referral program, in some, you get Rs 50 and in some, you get Rs 500 or more.

There are also many types of referral programs in this, once you get 50 rupees in a referral, then you do not get anything from that referral in the future, but there are some referral programs from which you keep earning money in the future. Like Ezoic and Shorte.st

If you join the referral program of both of them, then you get a commission according to your %, you will get some % of the money that the person making the referral will earn from his account, as long as that account remains and that account will earn.

By bringing traffic to the YouTube channel

Quora is such a platform from where you can bring traffic on any platform and earn money from there, just as you can bring traffic to the blog by giving links to the blog, in the same way, you can bring traffic from Quora to your YouTube channel by linking to Youtube Videos. Is

For this, you will have to answer some questions on Quora related to your video, along with giving a link to your channel or video, so that the user can watch your video by clicking on this link and you can earn money from Quora through YouTube.

For this, you do not even have to spend much time, you can answer questions on Quora by giving some time while doing your YouTube work, along with where necessary, you can give a link to the video or YouTube channel, due to which your YouTube earnings will increase significantly.

Via Telegram and Facebook

If you earn money from Telegram or Facebook, then you can use Quora to increase your followers and earn more money from Facebook or Telegram, for which all you have to do is share your Telegram or Facebook link on Quora.

Many people use Quora to increase followers on their social media, in the same way you can also do it, just do not share only the link while sharing the link, share some content and share the same link where it is appropriate.

This will greatly increase your followers on Telegram or Facebook and you can earn more money from your Telegram or Facebook through Quora.

What are the benefits of Quora?

The biggest advantage of Quora is that you can also earn money from Quora App. In today’s time, Quora has become a great platform that is used by millions of people because it gives you many benefits, so let’s know How many benefits are there from Quora?

  1. First, you can use Quora as a social media where you can message anyone and talk to them because it is social media only.
  2. In this, you can target a person and ask him a personal question, whether he is your member or not.
  3. In the same way, someone else can also ask you a question, to which you can also answer.
  4. All these questions and answers are ranked in Google, which anyone can read by clicking on it.
  5. With the help of this Quora, you can bring traffic to your Blog/Website or Youtube Channel.
  6. You can also create a blog on Quora and earn money from it, because advertisements run in Quora, which also earns you money. For more information, you can also watch this video of Sbj Classes.

Conclusion – How to earn money from Quora App.

This was the information about Quora App, in which you must have understood very well what is Quora App, which you would have liked. It has always been my endeavor that whatever post I write, I should give complete information about that topic in my post so that you will not need to read more posts.

So I hope you have got to learn a lot from this information about how to earn money from Quora, in which I have explained completely what is Quora, what is Quora Space, what are its benefits along with earning money. told in a way. Informed.

How did you like this post, do give your opinion in the comment and also share it with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Quora, and other social media so that more people can read this information.

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FAQs –

Q. Can I get paid from Quora App?

Ans – Yes, you can earn money from Quora and can earn very good money, for which we have told seven ways in this post you can use.

Q. How many views are required to earn money from Quora?

Ans – To earn money from Quora, Page Views do not matter, for this you have to be a little more active on Quora and here you will have to keep asking questions and answers continuously, but yes, the more Page Views you earn, the more you will earn.

Q. How to earn ₹500 to ₹1000 daily from Quora in 1 day?

Ans- If you do regular work on Quora then you can earn more than 500 or 1000 rupees.

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