Learn (10 Easy Ways) how to earn money with writing content online 2023

how to earn money with writing content online 2023? In today’s time, a better way to earn money online is content writing, in which you can earn a lot of money by writing content ie articles for yourself and others, in which there is no investment of even a single rupee.

Many of you will know about earning money by blogging, here the whole concept of earning money is best only on Content Writing i.e. Article Writing, in which you give information about a topic to people through content writing, and from this, what are the lakhs of months? He also earns crores.

By the way, just writing a blog article is not the only way to earn money online, because in today’s time, you can do article writing on any platform, whether you do it for yourself or take money for others, you can earn very good money from it everywhere. Is.

But many people still do not know what content writing really is or how it is done how can those who do not know Article Writing learn how much time it will take to learn it and after learning it how much Money can be earned from Article Writing?

So you will get the answers to all these questions in this post so that you can better understand how to earn money with writing content online in 2023, you can learn it easily, then you can earn lakhs by writing Content for yourself or for others.

Learn (10 Easy Ways) how to earn money with writing content online 2023
Learn (10 Easy Ways) how to earn money with writing content online 2023

What is content writing?

The simple meaning of content writing is writing information about a topic, for example, you must have read many blog posts in which you get information about a topic, then writing that information is called Content Writing.

Right now you are reading this post which I have written, so this post I have written is the work of content writing, the content may be different, the method of writing may be different, and the language may also be different, but this is the work of writing. There is work, this is called Content Writing. how to earn money with writing

Here there is a lot of difference between content writing and content writer because content writing is a work while content writing is the person who does the work of content writing, so far you must have understood content writing and content writing.

What is the job of a content writer?

The only job of a content writer is that he simply writes content and writes better and better content, content in which the reader of that content gets full value and the purpose for which he is writing the content is fulfilled.

Here each content writer may have a different purpose for writing content, but the main job of a content writer is to write content, whether he writes content for his blog, writes content for another blog, or writes content for any social media. He just has to write the best content.

How is content written?

To write content, the content writer has to keep many things in mind because writing content here is also not an easy task, here you have to learn, only then you can write better content.

Because there is a planning of writing content before writing content, in which there are many tasks from Keyword Research to preparing content structure and writing content, which you have to learn.

Here I am not going to tell you how the content is written, because if I start telling here, then this post will become very long, for this,

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How to become a good content writer?

To become a good content writer, you have to learn good content writing because you can be a good content writer only when you know how to write good content, then here you have to learn to write more and better content, otherwise, you can become a good content writer yourself. Will become

For this, you learn how to write more and more content, see other good content writers, what and how they are writing, and read more and more other’s content so that you get to learn more and more things and you can become a good content writer.

how to earn money with writing content online 2023

Till now you have understood a lot about Content Writing, what it is, how it is done, and how you can learn article writing, but now it comes to where you will do Content Writing and how to earn money with writing. know about it.

Ways to earn money from content writingmonthly income
By guest posting10 to 15 thousand
By blogging4 to 5 lakh rupees
From NewsDog App25 to 30 thousand rupees
By writing content on Twitter20 to 30 thousand rupees
by UCNews40 to 50 thousand rupees
By Freelancing80 to 90 thousand
from Quora30 to 35 thousand
by writing content on my blog8 to 15 thousand
sell e book by writinglakhs of rupees
writing content for the website40 to 50 thousand
how to earn money with writing content online 2023

1. By guest posting

If you are an expert in writing articles, then you can do Guest Post for any blog and earn money from there, many people do not even know what Guest Post is.

Guest posting is the concept in which you write your content on another blog/website, in return that blog/website owner gives you money, here there is no guarantee that you will get money because some blog/website owners pay guest money and some Don’t even give.

Here is a simple way to post a guest on any blog/website, you want to post a guest, first go to that blog/website, extract its content details from there, and content with the owner of that blog/website so that you can visit his blog. /Want to do a guest post on the website?

If he approves then you can ask him if he will pay for the guest post and how much will he give, if you get good money then you can do it, if you don’t get it, you can’t do it, but here you have to trust 1 to 2 Article should be written for free or you can also show any sample.

Especially in guest posts, you do not have to do much, just write an article and give that blog/website to the owner and take the money he is willing to pay.

Here you can get 1000 to 2000 for writing content, depending on how good content you can write and where the guest is posting, how much he is ready to give, here you will find some old blogs/websites as guest posts. Should target for

For those who understand the value of content writing and are also earning good money, otherwise, a new blog that does not earn any money, will not be able to give you the guest post-money.

2. By blogging

Blogging is the best way to earn money from Content Writing, but here you cannot earn money just by writing content because there are many tasks in Blogging, mainly in managing a blog and writing content.

If you can afford to manage a blog here, then you can start your own blogging which will also require some minor investment or if you do not want to do this investment then you can do blogging for others.

Managing a blog means creating a blog, designing it, writing blog posts on it, doing SEO for that blog, and applying ways to earn money from the blog. If you can do this much, then you can earn millions from blogging.

Here it costs at least 3000 + rupees to make a blog, and if you make your blog, then you will have to invest so much, if you do not manage to make this investment, then you can contact any blogger and manage his blog. In return for which that blogger will give you money.

Here you can work on one month’s salary or you can work according to hourly time so that you can get 50 thousand to lakh rupees + for an estimated month if you know good blogging.

how to earn money with writing content online 2023

3. From NewsDog App

If you do not understand the concept of blogging or you do not want to do blogging, then you can use NewsDog App here, without spending a single rupee, without creating a blog, you can share your articles by writing and money from here. Can earn

What is NewsDog App? A News App where you can share news or any topic by writing an article, here you can create your followers, then later by using these followers you can earn money through Affiliates Marketing, Refer And Earning, and Product Selling.

For this, you just have to install NewsDog App on your mobile, create an account and share your content by writing here, it is completely free, and you will not invest a single rupee.

how to earn money with writing Photo by Liza Summer:

4. By Writing content on Twitter

Twitter is also a desired platform for content writing, which, being completely free, gives the feature of monetizing content, here you do not even have to write very long content because short-length content can be shared.

Even in today’s date, there are crores of users on Twitter and don’t know how many social media platforms have been created, but there is no platform like Twitter, in such a situation, Twitter can also be a good option for your content writing if you use it properly.

Although even today people know Twitter as a blogging platform, due to platforms like WordPress and Blogger, the importance of Twitter has decreased a bit, even today you can do blogging on Twitter and make good money from Twitter through Content Writing.

5. By UCNews

UC News is also like NewsDog, it is also a news-sharing platform where you can earn money by sharing any news, it is not necessary to share the news here, you can write whatever information you have and share it here.

Very few people may know about UCNews, but many people know about UC Browser, both are products of the same company. UC Browser is a Web Browser and UCNews is a product to show news in this browser, whose App is also available. Is.

Here all you have to do is download this UCNews App and create an account and share it by writing content here and making your followers.

6. By Freelancing

Today Freelancing is the best way to earn money online for free where you work for others sitting at home and earn unlimited money.

Freelancing is a kind of website where both the people who work and get the work done are registered, one gives work and the other does that work, this work is done online or offline according to the need and in the same way, you get money.

Now in the same way you have to join any Freelancing Site (Fiverr, Freelancer, Upwork, etc.) to earn money from Content Writing, create a profile there from where you will get a lot of Content Writing work, by completing which you can earn money.

Here your content writing will be done online and money will also be available online, how much you will get on your content writing, how well you can write, and how much the client is ready to pay.

Most of the people here charge money according to the time, which can be from 5 to 10 dollars per hour, or by talking to a client, you can work on a salary for a month and a day and earn money.

7. From Quora

Quora is a forum site where there are many ways to earn money by writing content, so it is better to work on Quora and earn money from here than create a new blog with being totally free.

The specialty of Quora is that it ranks Text Content very fast in Google, here Ouora Beats has even big sites and good content, if you work as hard as a blog here, you will get four times more money from the blog than from Quora. Can earn

For this, all you have to do is create an account on Quora, create a Quora space, and write and share content here on a regular basis, where you will get very good traffic from Google, from which you can earn a lot of money.

If we talk about how to earn money from Quora here, then there is also the monetization feature of Quora, and the rest you can earn a lot of money by selling Affiliate Marketing Refer And Earn, a product.

8. By writing content on my blog

If you are a good content writer in Hindi, then you can earn money by writing content on my blog too, for which you can mail us on our Email Id – Kumarsuraj@Ieptias.com and talk about it.

There are some conditions to earn money by writing content on my blog which you have to follow. how to earn money with writing content online 2023

  1. Whatever blog post you give by writing, even 1% of it should not be copy pasted from anywhere.
  2. You have to write this blog post by yourself, there should not be content generated from any tool.
  3. We do not need such content writers who are just starting to write content, you should have some experience in writing content, for which some proof will also have to be given.
  4. I have just given money to some content writers at 15 paise per word, how much you will get or get more, how is your content writing, how will the post written by you rank on my blog, it will decide.
  5. I will get a content writer here to write some two-three posts first, if any of your posts will be ranked, then you will get to write further posts, otherwise, you will not get it.

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Conclusion – how to earn money with writing

This was the information about Content Writing, in which we have told you in detail about how to earn money with writing content online 2023, what is actual content writing, how it is done, and how you can earn money in it.

Hope this information has been useful for you, in which you have got to learn a lot, with the help of which you can start your Content Writing Business and make good money from it. If you like this information, then share it on Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram, and others Share on social media and if you have any problem then you can ask in the comments.

FAQs – how to earn money with writing 2023

Q – How long does it take to learn content writing?

Ans – Maximum 10 days, but still everyone’s mind is not the same, learning ability also matters.

Q – Can you earn a lot of money in content writing?

Ans – Yes, you can earn a lot of money in Content Writing depending on how much you can do and how much you can earn.

Q – How much can content writers earn?

Ans – There is a very big and very good facility of money for content writers by writing content, in which you can earn lakhs – crores too.

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