What is Admob, and how to earn money from Google Admob 2023? – (1 lakh months)

In today’s post, we will give you information about Google Admob, what is Admob, how it works, and how to earn money from Google Admob, then this post will be Total Google Admob Review, in which you will be given information about Google Ads Network Admob in details.

In the way of earning money online, you must have heard about earning money from Ads, whether it is Youtube Ads, Ads on any blog/website or Facebook Ads, or Ads on any App, everywhere people earn money by placing Ads.

Here there are only two ways to earn money from Ads, first either you earn money by showing your ads to people, and second or you earn money by watching ads of people, but in today’s post, we will put Google Admob’s Ads in our Mobile App. Learn how to earn money.

Like you monetize your Youtube or blog/website through Google Adsense and earn money. Google Admob is a huge Google Ads network that allows you to monetize your app through ads, just like

What is Google Admob, and how to earn money from it
In the same way, you can earn money by monetizing your App through Admob. Friends, this different Ads Network has been created to monetize different products from Google.

Similarly, Admob is a way to earn money by monetizing an App, just as you cannot monetize an App with Google Adsense, similarly, you cannot monetize Blog and Youtube with Admob.

So if you want to know more about this Google Admob, then definitely read this post till the end, where you will know what is Admob, how it works, how to create an account, and how to earn money from Google Admob by monetizing your app. Full details have been given.

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what is admob?

Admob is a product of Google itself, which you know by the name of Google Admob, it is an Ads Network, with the help of which you can monetize your Mobile Apps through Ads and earn money from it.

When you download and open any Apps from Playstore, then in many Apps, you see Ads (Advertisements), these Ads are of Google Admob which the owner of that App puts in that App to earn money.

If you are a Youtuber or Blogger, then you must have understood very well about earning money from these Ads, even if you are not a Youtuber or Blogger, you must be doing the work of watching Youtube Videos and reading blogs.

When you go to a blog/website, you see a lot of ads there or you play a video on Youtube, then the first few seconds of ads run, which are used to earn money.

Here there are different Ads networks to monetize all the products through Ads like Google Adsense to monetize Blog/Websites and Youtube with Ads, similarly, what is Google Admob to monetize your Mobile App with Ads Can use

In a way, these are such Ads networks where you do not need to do much because Google does all the work of showing Ads, making, and paying money, you just have to put Ads Code from these Ads networks in your mobile app. Where ads start appearing in your app from which you earn money.

Admob means Advertising On Mobile i.e. “Advertising on Mobile”, because it is an Ads network that works to show Ads on mobile.

This is for those people who do the business of Mobile Apps, if you have your own App or you do the work of making an App, then you can use Admob and earn money by placing Ads of Admob in your App.

What is Admob, and how to earn money from Google Admob 2023? – (1 lakh months)
SNmain pointDescription
1NameGoogle Admob
2workDisplay ads in the app
3usermore than 1 crore
4Rating4.6 (5 Star)
5reviewsmore than 50 lakh
6referral earningsno one
7Who can useAnyone (Publisher & Advertiser)
8ways to earn money2 methods
9daily earningslakhs of rupees
10WithdrawalMinimum $100 (Bank Account)

What is needed to earn money from Admob?

You do not need much to earn money from Admob, but still, the things which are very important are as follows.

  • Your Own App
  • Admob’s account
  • Also Google Adsense account

As you have also understood above that Admob can be used only in Apps, so for this, you must have an App.

When you have an App, then to use Google Admob, you have to create an Admob account and link that account to your App, that is, to monetize it.

Here to monetize the app, you can put Admob’s ads in your app where the user will see the ads which will earn you.

But to get these earnings also in your bank account, Google Adsense will be needed, only then you can take your money in your bank account.

Till now you have come to know a lot about Admob, so now after knowing about the necessary things to earn money from Admob, now we know how you can make Apps and earn money by using Admob on it.

How to make Android App?

Making any app is not such an easy task because coding is needed to make apps, only then you can make the best app that people like and you earn money from it.

By the way, there is no need for any hosting, or domain like Blog to make an App, nor does it cost a single rupee, but its problem is that to make a good App, you must have knowledge of Coding.

By the way, some platforms are available on the internet where you can create your own app without coding like Appsgeyser, Quick App Ninja, etc. But even after creating an app from here, some coding is still needed to customize that app.

For more information about making your own App from both these platforms, you can read these two posts and make your own Game App or any kind of App.

So here your App is ready but to earn money from it you will need an Admob account I have told you above what is Admob so let us now know how to create an Admob account then we can make money from it Will learn about earning.

How to create an Admob account?

It is very easy to create an account with Google Admob, especially from Google Adsense, here you do neither need to fill in much information or wait to get Approval.

Step 1. For this, first of all, you have to go to Admob’s website, for which you search Admob in Google and click on the first link in the result or you can also go to Admob’s website by clicking on this link.

what is admob, how to earn money from Google Admob

Step 2. As soon as you go to this website, you get to see such an option as shown in the picture where you have to click on Get Started.

Step 3. Now you have to log in here with your Email Id, when you click on Get Started, your Email Id appears on the next page, you just have to click on Email Id, and you will be logged in.

Step 4. After login, some information has to be filled in here, including your mobile number, your name and address will have to be filled and after accepting the terms and conditions of this Admob, click on Continue.

Step 5. Now in the last step a window will appear in which you have the Monetization feature, yes whatever services you want to use with this feature, click on Continue to Admob by doing No on the rest.

By doing this, your Admob account is created, so that you can start earning money from Admob by monetizing your App, so let’s now know about its method.

How do Monetize an App from Admob Account?

To monetize your App, you have to put Ads in your App, for which you have to generate Ad Unit ID by going to Admob, this Ad Unit is a kind of Ads Code that you have to put in your App.

This is just like the way you put Google Adsense’s ad in your blog, in the same way, you have to put Admob’s Ads in your App, just your App will be monetized so that you will start earning money from Admob.

Generating Ad Unit ID here and adding it to the App will not be so easy for new people, for this, you can watch videos on Youtube, which will make your work easier.

So in this way, you have understood how to create an account in Admob and place its ads in your app, now let us know how you get money from Admob

what is admob

how to earn money from Google Admob

Here there is doubt in the minds of many people that there are many ways to earn money from Admob, so for your information, there is only one way to earn money from Admob you can earn money by putting Admob’s Ads in your App.

When you place ads in your app and people download and use your app, then those ads are visible to that user and that user also clicks on that ad and this is how you earn by watching ads and watching ads. Clicking gets money for both.

These are determined according to CPC, this is also a concept similar to the same blog, but there is content on the blog and according to the content, there is an App, so according to which category the App belongs to, Ads will appear and in the same way You also get money accordingly.

But to earn more money from Admob, you have to make your App accessible to more and more people, the more people will use your App, the more money you can earn, for which you will have to upload your App to the Play Store.

Because more and more people download and use the App from the Playstore itself, but for the first time an App is published on the Playstore, you have to pay some money, which has to be paid only once, only then you can publish an App here.

Conclusion – What is Google Admob and how to earn money from it

So, friends, this was some information about what is admob, in which you learned about Admob Review 2023 how it works, how to create an account, how to put its ads in the App, and how to earn money from Google Admob

I hope this information about Admob will be helpful for you, you must have also liked it, with the help of which you can earn money through Admob by monetizing your App through Admob.

If you like this information, what is Admob, earn money from it, then share it with your friends on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, and other social media and if there is any problem or suggestion about this post, then give your opinion in the comment, your full help Will be done

FAQs –

Q. What is Admob and how does it work?

Ans – Friends, Google Admob is a Google Ads Network that allows you to monetize your App through Ads, you can earn money by using its Ads in the App.

Q. How much money can you earn from Admob?

Ans – Friends, you can earn lakhs of crores of rupees from Admob, the more you have App users, the more you will earn.

Q. How does Admob pay (money)?

Ans – When you earn $100 in your Admob account, then Admob pays you this money from the 21st to the 29th.

Q. Can I use Admob without uploading my app to the Play Store?

Ans – No, you can use this Admob only when you have an App that is published on Playstore and that App follows all the conditions of Admob.

Q. What are the things required to use Admob?

Ans – Friends, the account of Admob can be created only by those who are 18 years + and have their own App.

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