what is Meesho? how to earn money from Meesho 2023

Today’s post is about what is Meesho App and how to earn money from Meesho, in which I will give you complete information about Meesho App, and how you can earn better money using Meesho Shopping App.

If you also want to earn money sitting at home, that too from online mobile without any cost, then Meesho App can be a better option for you, if you do not know about this Meesho App, then I would like to tell you.

This is an online store that runs through a mobile app and website, which provides you with products at very low prices, if you create your account in it and sell its products, then you get a very good commission.

You decide on your own how much commission you want to earn, you can keep a commission of Rs 50 or more on a product worth Rs 200, depending on which product it is and how the buyer is.

If the same work is done by any other company from Amazon App or Flipkart, then the commission is very less, the reason for this is that in all these the company itself decides the commission on which product, how much commission will be given to you, but it is not so in Meesho App.

What is Meesho App & how to earn money from it
The concept of the Meesho App is very different from the rest of the companies, especially from companies like Amazon and Flipkart, Meesho App makes its customers shopkeepers, that means whatever goods you sell, there will be no name of Meesho App on every item on every product. The name of the customer who got the sale done.

If you also want to earn money online by selling the product of your name, then read this post completely, what is Meesho App, complete information about how to earn money from it is given in detail, so let’s start.

What is Meesho?

Meesho App is a Shopping App that is also called a Resale Platform or it can also be called Digital Marketing Mobile App from where you can buy products online like Amazon and Flipkart App you shop.

This is absolutely free App for Android users on Google Play Store which one can download and use or you can also use it by visiting its website.

Meesho App is a kind of online store where all the big and small companies of India list their products for sale, from where any person in India can buy and sell these products.

In this Meesho App, you can earn commission by creating your account and selling its products on social media or in any other way.

If you have heard the name Affiliate Marketing, then you would know that people earn money from Affiliate Marketing on Amazon and Flipkart, but in Meesho App you can earn money by buying a product yourself and delivering it to the customer.

Or if you do not want to buy the product, then you can also deliver the product to the customer by giving the customer’s address in the Meesho App, which will do all the work of delivering the product and taking money from the customer, Meesho App and will also give your commission.

Just for this, to sell the product, you have to find online or offline customers to whom you can sell the product.

what is Meesho? how to earn money from Meesho 2023

For example, suppose you share a product that is worth 100 rupees on Facebook for 110 rupees, and now a customer wants to buy that product, then here you get a commission of 10 rupees, which after the sale of the product comes into your account. goes.

For this, you will have to take the address of that customer and give it in the Meesho App and you will have to give complete information about which product you want to buy on the same you can add your commission, you can add more, for this, you will have to tell the same price to the customer. As much as you want to keep your commission.

In this way, you must have understood what is Meesho App and how it works, now let us know what kind of products are available in Meesho App and what is their quality, then we will know about earning money from Meesho App.

srmain pointDescription
1App NameMeesho: Online Shopping App
2App CategoryShopping App
3App Size13 mB
4total app downloadsmore than 10 crores
5playstore ratingplay store rating
6Play Store Review32 lakh
7referral earnings100 to 1000 rupees
8ways to earn total money3 ways
9daily earnings1500 to 3000 rupees
10WithdrawalMinimum Rs 100 (Bank Account)
what is Meesho? how to earn money from Meesho2023

How is the quality of the products of the Meesho App?

Meesho App is very strict about your products and your business, in this you will not get any kind of complaint, if by chance there is a complaint in any product, then it also returns the product.

No big company sells products to defame its name, where do you complain about most of the products? Is.

Companies like Meesho App have millions of sources, if one of them tries to sell a bad product, then Meesho App removes that source from its App.

And when you get the guarantee of return, then you do not even need to think about all these things, what is Meesho App and how is it, for example, when you buy a mobile phone, it is bad, the company gives you another phone for the same money. It doesn’t mean that the company’s product is bad, that’s why you don’t need to take tension.

And anyway, you are not going to buy and use the product here from Meesho App, you are just going to earn money from Meesho App, where you just have to sell the product and earn money.

Is Meesho App safe?

So the answer is yes, Meesho App is absolutely safe. Friends, what is the doubt in everyone’s mind regarding security, whether Meesho App is safe? The product that we are buying should be correct and the personal information that we give while buying other things should not be left anywhere, which means, do not use someone else.

So maybe you don’t know that big companies never make such a mistake because if they do this even with one, then lakhs of people lose their trust immediately, then that company can never grow.

That’s why you can have complete faith in Meesho App as far as Meesho is concerned Meesho is a Bengaluru-Based Social Commerce Platform, it helps both Resellers and Emerging Brands with funding of around $50 Million.

What are the things required to earn money from Meesho App?

When it comes to earning money from Meesho App, then you must be thinking that how to sell products in Meesho App because this is the main way to earn money Meesho App, for this first you have to create an account on Meesho App and download some good products. Have to select which your relatives and friends can like.

Those who need that product, then share that product on your Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, and other social media. Now whoever buys the product from your shared link, will get a commission.

Similarly, you will get the commission of all the products that will be purchased and it will continue to be collected in your Meesho App. Once you have enough balance in Meesho App, you can transfer it to your bank account by removing it from Meesho App.

You can do this work online as well as offline, you will have to buy the product yourself to do it offline, now you can earn money from Meesho App by selling it to anyone who needs that product.

But if you do the same thing online then it will be even better where you will not even need to buy the product, you just have to find the customer and order the product by giving the information of the customer, where Meesho App itself will deliver the product to the customer, money will be charged and you will get a commission. Will also give

Till now you have understood the concept of how to earn money from it what is Meesho App, but to do this work first you have to download Meesho App, so let’s know about it now.

How to download Meesho App?

Downloading Meesho App is quite simple, you can download it from Google Play Store, you have to go to your Play Store and type in the search bar Meesho App and search, after that install the first number app.

what is Meesho? how to earn money from Meesho 2023

What is Meesho App, and how to earn money from Meesho – Complete information
If you are unable to find this App for any reason, then you can download it by clicking on this link here. After the App is installed, you will have to register it, so let’s know how to register means how to create an account on Meesho.

How to register on Meesho App?

After downloading the Meesho App, it is very easy to register in the Meesho App, you can register by completing a few steps which are as follows

  • Step 1. To register on Meesho App, first, open the Meesho App
  • Step 2. After the app is open, you will get the option to enter the mobile number, then enter the mobile number and click on Send OTP.
  • Step 3. Now the 4-digit Otp will go on the mobile number you have entered, write it and click on Verify
  • Step 4. After your mobile number is verified, a video will play in front of you, in which you are shown about earning money from Meesho Reselling Business and the Meesho App.
  • Step 5. You can learn a lot by watching that video or you can also skip it.
  • Step 5. After this, you will be asked some information which you will have to fill
  • Step 6. Later you will reach the home page where you have to create your profile.

So after completing your registration in this way, you will see this type of option where first you have to create a profile on the Meesho App, then you can earn money from it.

How to create a profile on Meesho App?

It is very important to create a profile on Meesho App, which you can create in this way –

  • Step 1. For this first, open your Meesho App
  • Step 2. Now you have to click on the logo icon
  • Step 3. Then click on Edit Profile
  • Step 4. Now you can put your photo in your Profile
  • Step 5. Now you are in the Primary section
    • Full name – Enter your full name
    • Mobile Number – Your mobile number will automatically be added in
    • Email Id – Enter any of your Email Id
    • Gender – Select Male or Female
    • Languages Spoken – Select your language in this you can select more than one language.
    • Occupation – Select what you are, if you do not have anything in the given option, then select Other
    • About Me – Write about yourself which is to be written within 500 words.
    • My Business Name – Write any of your business names
    • Pin Code – (ex. 272123) Enter the pin code of your area
    • City – Write the Full name of your city
    • State – Enter the name of your state
    • Now save the information by clicking on the Save button below
  • Step 6. Now click on Other Info above
    • Date Of Birth – Calendar will open on clicking, select your date of birth in it
    • Marital Status – You have to select whether you are Married or Single select it
    • Number Of Kids – Select according to your own
    • Education – Select how much you have studied
    • Monthly Income – Select how much you earn in a month
    • Education – Select your college
    • Workplaces – Enter where you work
    • and click on the Save button at the bottom
  • Step 7. Now click on the setting above

Here you will see only two options, you have to enable both options, in this way, your profile on Meesho App will be completed.

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How to earn money from Meesho App.

3 Most Popular Ways To Earn Money From Meesho App are By Shopping From Meesho App, By Selling Meesho app Products, By Meesho App’s Referral Program For Which You Will Need A User Base Where You Can Sell Meesho Products And By Referral 1000 You can earn Rs.1500 from

Because when you do not have any user base, then both these methods will not work for you, so now let us know about these two methods in detail.

Earn money by selling products.

Some of the following ways to earn money by selling products in the Meesho App are as follows

what is Meesho how to earn money from Meesho 2023
  • Step 1. First of all, you have to select the product in Meesho App which your friends, relatives, and neighbors want to buy or who need that product.
  • Step 2. Now by clicking on that product, you will get the details of its feature, now you have to add your Margin by clicking on the Margin button.
  • Step 3. Like you have selected a product that is worth Rs.500, then you can sell it for Rs.600 by adding a Margin of Rs.100.
  • Step 4. Now click on the WhatsApp share button below and send it to the person who wants to buy this product.
  • Step 5. Now if he wants to buy this product, then after taking his address, we will send the product to his house by putting the address in that product, which you do not have to send Meesho App itself.
  • Step 6. And when the product reaches the customer’s home, your commission will be added to your Meesho App.

So in this way, you must have understood the first method and how easy it is, similarly, you just have to select some good products and earn money by selling them.

Earn money by referring Meesho App.

Meesho App’s Refer And Earn Program is also very good where you just have to get people to join Meesho App with the referral link of your Meesho App, in return Meesho App gives you a commission.

Here commission is not received in the form of direct money but in the form of a Referee i.e. one Referee of a successful full referral, here 1Referee means you have 1Spin where you spin and in Spin you get 100 to 1000 rupees. Can get up to Rs.

Also when you create an account on Meesho App for the first time and refer your friends you get a 20% commission on the first 5 orders, also 5% commission on the first 6 months of sales, and on 18 months of sales Will get a 1% commission.

Apart from this, many levels of referral income are also available, more information about which you will get only in the referral section of the Meesho App so that you can understand better about Meesho App and can earn very well from referrals.

Earn cashback by shopping

When you buy any product on Meesho App, you can earn cashback of 3 to 8% on the purchase of each product. Cashback will be available according to the product and the offer here.

In for the first time you get up to 50% cashback on buying anything from Meesho App, later this cashback decreases, which you get from 3 to 8% on all products.

If you do online shopping, then you can earn a lot of cash back by buying products from the Meesho app, which you can withdraw from the bank or buy other products with this money.

Important Tips to Make more money from Meesho App

After creating the profile on the Meesho App, you are shown the home page of Meesho App, in which you will get to see many options, but to earn money from Meesho App, it is very important to know some of the above options, without this you can earn well from Meesho App. Can’t do it

So let’s now know about all those options by which you can earn even better from Meesho App.

Meesho Business Academy

Today, Meesho is India’s No. 1 Reselling Business, the reason is that Meesho’s Business Academy helps a lot of people, so that everyone can start their own business.

In Meesho Academy, you get all kinds of information in your Meesho App sitting at home through video, you will get this video in five languages which include Hindi, English, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Bengali, etc.

If you watch those videos completely, then you will not have to search for any information related to Messho Reselling, you live in any corner of India, you can take your business journey far ahead by watching the video here in your own language.

meesho for u

Now that know what is Meesho For U, in this, you get to know about the upcoming Deals, Festival Offers, Upcoming Meesho Products, and Discounts Offers of the Meesho App, as soon as you open this option, you can read all this information.

And you can understand and use it according to yourself so that you will understand well how you can earn more money from Meesho by using it.


In Collections, you will find different types of Clothes, Beauty, Accessories, Electronics, Home, and Kids Collections of the Meesho App at a very low price, which you can add more margin and share with your friends so that you can earn more money.

Meesho Help

In Meesho Help, you get help in every way, this is such a Help Section in which you get Meesho App’s Helpline Phone Number and Helpline Email Id, from which you can contact anytime and you can get its diagnosis by telling your problem.

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On any other Shopping Site, there is often the same problem if any kind of information is required, it is not available, but it is not so in Meesho App.

Many people join Meesho App but they do not read this Help Section and search on Google for Meesho’s mobile number and email ID which you get in your App itself.

If you face any kind of problem with the Meesho App, then you can contact this mobile number and email id and get a solution to your problem.

Meesho Account

The Account Section of Meesho App is very important, if you do not understand it, then you may suffer a lot because you are connected to Meesho App only because you can earn money, then you should understand the Account Section very well.

In this, you should fill out your profile properly, as well as there should not be any problem, otherwise your earned money will not reach your bank account.

You can also earn money by joining the shared product and referral in your Meesho Account, today you can earn maximum money by completing some special offers like Reward And Spin and some Challenges, these were some special tips About earning money from Meesho App as well as how to earn more.

Conclusion – What is Meesho App and how to earn money from it?

This was the information about how to earn money from Meesho, you learned a lot about Meesho App, how to download Meesho App, how to create an account in it, and how to make money by selling products. Have to earn.

I hope this information, what is Meesho App, will be helpful for you, if you still have any doubts, feel free to ask in the comments or message us on any social media.

If you like this information, then share it with your friends and relatives on all social media so that this information can reach more people and they can also be benefited.

FAQs – 

  1. Q. How to earn money from Meesho App?

    Ans – Money is earned by selling and referring products from the Meesho app, if you have a User Base on the Internet, then you can do this work very easily.

  2. Q. How much money can you earn from Meesho App?

    Ans – Meesho app can earn lakhs and crores, this total will depend on your product selling and referring, the more you can sell the product and the more you can refer, the more money you can earn.

  3. Q. How to do online shopping with the Meesho app?

    Ans- For this, you can add your bank account by creating an account in Meesho App and can shop for any clothes or other things.

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