What is NexMoney App how to earn money from it 2023 – Full details

Today’s post is about NexMoney what is NexMoney App how it works, what are its features and what are its advantages, and disadvantages, this how to make money from NexMoney App, if you know how to earn, then this post is Total NexMoney Review It is going to happen in which you will be given complete information about NexMoney.

There are many such money-earning apps on the internet that you use to do the work you need or to earn money from it, in the same way, this Nex Money App is also there in which you can get everything from Mobile Recharge to Dth Recharge. Various types of payments and shopping facilities are available.

Where you can save some of your money on all these types of payments, as well as you get many ways to earn money in this app, where the biggest way to earn money from the Isnex money app is Refer And Earn, in which you have to earn according to the level. Up to Rs.300 is available on all referrals.

The specialty of this referral program is that whoever joins your referral link, gets a referral commission as well as when your referral friends refer someone, you also get their commission, which is according to a level.

For example, you referred will be Level 1, then referred to your friends, it will be Level 2, then referred to his friend, it will be Level 3, similarly, there is 10 Level and from the 10th level, you get money, which is 30% of each referral. It ranges from Rs. 300 to Rs. 300, due to which you earn very well.

So if you want to know in detail about this NexMoney, what is this NexMoney, and how to earn money from it? So read this post completely, complete information has been given in it, so let’s first know

NexMoney App Review 2023

main pointexplanation
App NameNex Money App Wallet: Innovative
App Size13 MB
Overall Rating4.0 (5 Star)
App Downloadmore than 10 lakh
Download Linkdownload from here
referral commission100 to 300 rupees
ways to earn money5 ways
daily earnings500 to 700 rupees
Withdrawalbank account
App CategoryPayment App
What is NexMoney App how to earn money from it 2023 – Full details

What is NexMoney App

NexMoney App is also a kind of Payment App in which you get the facility of all types of payment to shopping, whether it is mobile recharge, Dth recharge, data recharge, or sending payment to someone.

Apart from this, a shopping facility is available where more than 25 companies are connected with this Nex Money App, including Flipkart, Amazon, Jabong, Myntra, Paytm Mall, etc. where you can shop from any company through this app where you can get maximum Can earn money.

When you do shopping by going directly to Amazon or any company’s website, you will get more offers than what you get from this Nex Money App, so you can save your maximum money or you can say that you can earn.

Another way to earn money in this is to refer and earn which is much better where you get level money along with referral which I have told you above and its complete information is given below on how to make money from NexMoney App

What is the Business Plan of NexMoney App – How does Nex Money App work?

The business plan of Nex Money App means that the way of working is the same this company works on the B2B business model means it generates income from Business to Business and B2C by which it itself earns money and also gives the user a chance to earn money. Is.

Here, to increase its users, Nex Money App gives Refer And Earn program, then takes some subscription charge from these users, which is about 1770 rupees by adding GST, after which you get some extra cashback on all payments and on all referrals, But with referrals, you get referral commission up to 10 levels.

This is a kind of marketing that you call direct selling i.e. network marketing, which in simple words means that this money belongs to the user only, which only the user working in this App gets, this App means the company does not get money from its home. This money is given by the user only, which you give to this App through Subscription, Shopping, and other payments.

What is NexMoney App

Where is the Nexmoney App company?

Nowadays, many people in our country India do not like to use Chinese apps, but you do not need to be afraid of this app because this Nex Money App is a famous company in your state India, which is an IT company named NexGen Inventive. Information Technology Pvt. Ltd.

You can use it to earn money from Nex Money App, this app is absolutely safe, which is NexMoney, for more information, you can visit the official website of Nex Money App https://nexmoney.in and get more information.

What are the benefits of using (Joining) the NexMoney?

There can be many benefits of using this Nex Money App, but to take maximum advantage of it, first of all, you have to take a subscription to this NexMoney for Rs.1770.

If you take this subscription once, then you get the following types of benefits which are as follows.

  1. The first advantage of using the Nex Money App is that whenever you do any mobile recharge or shopping with this app, you get guaranteed cashback where you can save 6000 to 8000 rupees for at least a whole year.
  2. If you refer someone from this App and that person joins with your referral link or referral code and subscribes to this App, then you get Rs.300.

Now if that person will refer someone, then you will also get his commission, which is available up to 10 levels, where you can earn a huge amount, about which complete information is given below.

  1. Whatever money you earn from this NexMoney, that money is deposited in your NexMoney Wallet within a minute, which you can transfer to your bank account when you have 100 rupees.
  2. In this Nex Money App, you get a 20% commission on the first level which other companies never give so much.
  3. This NexMoney company distributes the user’s hard-earned money to 90% of the user, while keeping only 10% with itself, which is the best average of any company.
  4. When you make a team of only 15 people by joining this App, then you are given royalty, which is the first company to give royalty to such a small team.
  5. The advantage of this is also that you can shop from the Top 25 Shopping companies just by downloading the Mobile App, for this you do not need to download all the Apps.
  6. Cashback is available here in many shopping companies but it is not available in many companies, but when you shop from any company through Nex Money App, you get 100% cashback from all companies here.

How to Join NexMoney?

Joining Nex Money App is quite simple but still you have a problem joining it then you can follow the steps given below.

Step 1. First of all, you have to download NexMoney by going to the Play Store or by clicking on this referral link.

Step 2. Now you have to open this Nexmoney App and click on Sign Up.

Step 3. Now in this step, you have to fill in some details to sign up which are as follows.

  1. Here first of all you have to enter a referral code, you can use this referral code of mine IEPTIAS.COM and you will have to verify the referral code by clicking on the Check ☑️ options given in front.
  2. Below that you have to enter your Pan Card number which is 10 digits and you have to verify the Pan Card Number by clicking on the check option given in front.
  3. Below that you have to enter your mobile number.
  4. Now below this, you have to enter your Valid Email Id.
  5. Below that you will have to verify the User Name by clicking on the Check option given in front of it by entering a User Name, if not verified then this User Name will have to be changed.
  6. Below that you have to fill in your name, and here fill in the same name which is given on the PAN card.
  7. And now at last, you have to create a password for which two boxes have been given, enter any password in both boxes, and keep in mind that this password is your login password which you have to remember.
  8. Now below you have some conditions of Nex Money App where you have to tick mark that condition and click on the Sign-Up option given below.

Step 4. Now an OTP will be sent to your given mobile number, which you have to confirm by entering it, after which your Sign Up process is complete.

Step 5. As soon as your Sign Up is complete, you will reach the login page where you can log in to this Nex money App by entering your User Id and Password.

Where you will see some kind of interface as shown in the picture from where you can use this Nex money App to start the work of how to earn money from Nexmoney.

how to make money from NexMoney App?

There are many ways to earn money from this Nex Money App, from mobile recharge to shopping or making any payment, you can earn money from this Nex Money App, but the best way to earn money from Nex Money App is to refer and earn it. There is a program about which I have told you above.

So let’s know in detail about all these, how many ways are there to earn money from Nex Money App, and how to apply those methods.

1. Earn money from Sign Up Reward.

When you register for the first time in this NetMoney App by entering the Referral Id of a user, i.e. Sign Up and upgrade your ID from Rs.1770 to prime membership, then you get Reward Point immediately in your Wallet.

Which is a Reward Point of 1500, here your NexMoney Account becomes active for making any kind of payment and you can use this Reward Point for mobile recharge or any payment.

2. Earn money through Cashback.

When you have fully activated your Nexmoney account, then you can do many things from mobile recharge to Dth recharge, data recharge, bill pay, shopping, and ticket booking with this Nex Money App.

Where you get fixed cashback on all these types of transactions, and you can earn very well from this cashback only.

When you make a payment using any App like Paytm, or Google Pay, then it is not sure that you will get cashback, but when you do all these things with this Nex Money App, then it is sure that you will get guaranteed cashback.

3. Earn money by referral.

This method of how to make money from NexMoney App is very good, in which you can earn a lot of money by referring and earning your friends, here many people do not know about Referrals.

What is Referral Income – So for your information, when you register in any App or Website, you get a referral link there, this referral link has to be shared with your friends.

What is NexMoney App

When someone clicks on your referral link and creates an account in that app or website, then you get some money called Referral Income, which all apps give you money according to different rules like

  • Phone Pe – Gives you 100 To 200 Rupees.
  • Groww App – Gives you Rs.100
  • Upstox App – gives you 500 to 1200 rupees

Similarly, this NexMoney gives you 300 rupees on every referral, which is on level one means whoever joins from your link will be level one.

By the way, this is the best company that gives money according to the level, Groww App, Upstox App, no money is available for the level in all of these, so let’s know about the level of this App.

4. Earn money from Level Referral Income.

Here in Nex Money App, the level means up to 1,2,3,4,5….10, and from this 10 level you can earn money from this Nex Money App, this level is made when you refer someone and The referral person refers someone else and the income generated from there is called Level Referral Income.

For example – you got someone to join your referral link that will be level 1 where you get 300 rupees for one referral when you join five people you get 300×5 of level 1.

And when your referred 5 people to join 5-5 people then it is level 2 and here you get 30 rupees from one person i.e. 25×30 here you get to level 2.

Now these 25 people make 5-5 people join, then there are 125 people, here one person gets 45 rupees, similarly, up to 10 levels, this level referral income is available, which is much better.

5. Earn money from royalty income.

For prime members of the Nex Money App, apart from earning money from cashback and referral, you also get a chance to earn money from royalty where you are given three types of royalty as shown in the picture Silver, Gold, and Diamond.

Here you also get royalty according to the level, as you work, your level becomes and you keep getting royalty, in this way, you can earn money through royalty from Nex Money.

Conclusion – how to make money from NexMoney App?

Here is the special information about the Nex Money App, where in this way you must have understood what is Nex Money App, how it works, how many ways to earn money in it, where from downloading the Nex Money App to creating an account, how to make money from Nex Money App Full details of earning have been given.

I hope this information has got complete information on how to make money from NexMoney App so that you can make better use of this Nex Money App and make it a means of earning money for yourself.

If you like this information, then you can share it with your friends and relatives so that more and more people can know about it and can earn money from it, and there is any problem or suggestion about this post, you can write in the comment where We will help you completely.

FAQs –

Q. In how many ways can I earn money from NexMoney?

Ans – Nex Money App can earn money in five ways including Sign Up Reward, Cashback, By Referral, Level Referral Income, Royalty Income, etc.

Q. How much money can be earned from NexMoney App?

Ans – You can earn lakhs from the Nex money app, for which you can use Referral, Level Referral Income, Royalty Income, etc.


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